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Cypress Pole Fence HELP!!!

Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

Alright you handy guy's & gal's I need your input!

I have a SEMI-LOAD of cypress logs that are 20' long & 4-6" diameter. And I'm wanting a log fence......need design ideas.......I'm very much a DIY gal & know about what I want but would LOVE to see pictures ..........if any one could around some up. I'm a see & do gals too, not good with direction at all.

I do want to keep the logs whole, so that means using some kinda of stripping instead of screw/nails, they wouldn't be long enough or too costly. Also planning on building a shade house with just the logs for top & sides. I guess you'd call it abor, huh!!

Thanks for your input,

Poquoson, VA(Zone 7b)

Have you considered a 'snake rail' fence?

They were once widely used for livestock - the 'snaking' pattern confused a horse's visual perception and made them much less likely to ever jump the fence. Now you can see them in various historical sites.

I've never made one, but I believe that, correctly done, they actually have NO fasteners at all (I could be wrong) and rely instead on correct stacking, reinforcement & placing of the logs.

Of course, they also require more logs per length of fence than the more 'modern' fence styles....but they look so pretty....:-)

Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

I love the snake rail but it's to wide, I need a straight rustic design. I might need to go watch a few western, cowboys of the old west!!! huh!

Poquoson, VA(Zone 7b)

Well, there's also another kind of older-style rail fence. I don't see a picture of one right now, but it's where you have basically 2 posts (or 2 halves) per spot. The fence rails basically sit suspended between them - either nails in the posts or strapping between them, I guess. I've even seen them where they have the 2 post 'halves' and then more wooden spacers held between them that in turn hold up the fence rails.

I'll see if I can find a good picture for you, too.

Edit: I found this pic, but in this one, they didn't space out the rails - they just stacked them one on top the other...but you can get the idea, I guess..

Edit (again): found a better pic!

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Missouri City, TX

Here is another style:

And a bunch of pictures of fenses here:

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Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

Thanks were getting close. My pole cypree still has the bark on..

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