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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Morning!!!! We came from here

I do hope you all have a fabulous week... and stay warm! Brrrr it is so cold here and I'm so ready for spring. I'm counting the days now. LOL If I'm right we have about 85 days til our last freeze date! Yippeeee...

Coleus Sparkler

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

No Joyce, I didn't have my Wheaties this morning! LOL And the only thing I'm doing different in the healthy eating/weight loss category is that I'm ignoring that bag of chips that keeps calling my name. I'm making myself eat a Lean Cuisine everyday for lunch so that's helping me not want all those chips. That's all I've done but I sure need to start a serious exercise program. I keep telling myself that but I keep talking myself out of it using the excuse that DH has been on vacation and I can do it later! Geez... I fight with myself all the time.

I know exactly what you mean about RDG, it is so difficult for me to whittle my order down. I just want more & more every year. I've not made my list yet as I'm trying to be a good girl in the $$$ department, remember? LOL But I'm sure I will soon as I feel like I'm about to explode with the excitement on spring in the near future! And I am soooo ready!

BTW... forget about the eBay purchase... I'M NOT TELLING! teeeheeee

Juanita, you said somewhere that you've been playing with cuttings. What are they? Inquiring minds need to know. LOL

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

I have been lurking but spending a lot of time over here.

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Hey Guys,

Cold as heck here too. Power went out early this morning and it was an interesting day trying not to freeze to death. The heat in the "greenhouse" held pretty well, so the coleus and other babies are doing OK. Will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow of one of the trays. Such great color right now under the lights.

I succumbed and placed a RDG order myself. Said I wouldn't get stuff from them again, but everyone else seems to be happy and it sure beats getting hundreds of cuttings from North Carolina Farms.

Brinda, glad the amaryllis are doing well. I have about a dozen I saved from last year that have been resting and now I need to pot them up. They will be blooming in April around here!

Stay warm everyone.


FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Great Ted,

Now I have something else to look at. :))

As promised a tray of cuttings.


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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Morning to all... Brrrr, I'm about to freeze!!! Right now it is 18* with a wind chill of 4*. I guess that doesn't seem so bad after watching Green Bay play on Sunday. I have no clue how those guys even stayed on the field much less played football. No wonder they make the big bucks!

Ted, it's great to see you! It looks like you're having way too much fun over there. Are you staying warm?

Oh Juanita, what beautiful and healthy babies. Is that Royal Glissade right in the middle? They all look so good!

Braden was sick most of the day yesterday and all night. Some kind of crud that had him running a temp over 103*. I got scared late last night when it shot up and ended up making him get in a cool bath. That didn't seem to phase it much so I had him eat a bowl of ice cream. Took his temp about 30 minutes after eating the ice cream and it was down to a little over 101*. Anyway, all is well this morning... no temp but still not feeling great. But certainly feeling much better than last night.

Well, today being Tuesday I best get myself busy!!!! Amazing how boss's expect you to work, isn't it? LOL

Love to all...

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi Folks!

I had a message from the Coleus Mom and thought I better check in with you folks. Sorry to make you worry. :/

The holidays made for a busy time for this gal. I had a lot of fun so that's not a complaint!

I began making home DVD's from family photos at the beginning of December. I originally began doing this as a project for hubby's Dad who's still in a nursing home after a tragic accident back in March last year. He's not bed ridden, but spends most of the day with nothing to do. I found a program that allows me to put 150 photos into a nice slide show and add music to it. The program only allows one song though, and that one song got old really fast. So I had to find some program to "stitch" music together. Hillary taught me how to download music and I found all kinds of neat oldies music, like Patsy Cline, Roger Miller and Floyd Cramer, etc. that I thought he'd enjoy. I stitched many of those songs together to create one BIG music file.

I began with a hunting DVD from all of the photos from 2007. Since Dad was an avid hunter, he's been able to hunt vicariously though his boys with all of the photos that were taken last year. Next project was scanning all of the old family photos that he'd brought down about 20 years ago. Those photos were sitting in a box for years. The accident has resulted in his short term memory being pretty much shot. His long term memory is wonderful though. So the project of love was done to take him down memory lane. I'm sure his current wife of 25 years didn't much appreciate photos of hubby's mother, but frankly my dear... well we have never much cared for the "new" wife anyway.

Also just before Christmas, I started looking for a way to convert home VHS movies, that my parents made from old 8mm movies, into DVD's. I was astounded at the cost of doing this. But I paid the price and then burned copies for each of my family members as Christmas gifts. They all loved them.

Working on these projects caused me to compile a CD for each of my grandbabies. He's only met one of them and she was about 6 months old the last time he saw her.

I took all of the cute photos of the dresses that Jennifer has made and created a little movie for her to take around to the consignment shops. Kaylee is becoming quite the little model. Of course, sometimes I have to bribe her with home made chocolate chip cookies.

With each DVD I've made, they've gotten better and better. I've got a cool labeling program that allows me to make custom labels for the discs. I'm considering offering this service of preserving family photos on DVD's. There are very few places locally that do this sort of thing.

When hunting season ended I was shocked when hubby told me he was FINALLY ready to begin remodeling the kitchen. He's only been telling me we were going to do it for over 2 years! I had 1 days notice to get the cabinets cleared out, so I got busy boxing up dishes, etc. that I could live without for several months. I went shopping with Connie on Friday afternoon and when I returned home, half of my cabinets had already been removed. Needless to say, it's been rough cooking in there, but I will persevere. One of the guys that works with hubby will help build the new cabinets. It's going to be a time consuming project and a costly one also, but I have to keep in mind that when it's all done, the resale value of the house will greatly improve. We've been talking about moving out to the country some where so I won't truly get to enjoy this work, except monetarily. :-)

I hate walking out in the back yard these days because everything is gloomy. Dead Banana trees still need to be cut back, etc. Connie said that a cat had knocked one of the planters of coleus cuttings off the wall. While nothing was damaged, the labels went everywhere, so we'll have to figure them out in the Spring. Otherwise all of the babies are doing good. Mine are all pretty much dead here.

I have been reading and keeping up with things here, but have been trying to limit my time on Dave's by just reading and not posting. I get so much more done when I don't fritter away the day posting away.

One last thing, yesterday afternoon I found a gorgeous red fox pelt complete at Goodwill. I'll be making myself a new purse soon and will probably sell my old one on ebay. The new one is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to get him on a purse and start carrying it. Every time I look at purses in the thrift stores, I haven't found anything I like any more than my fox, so I leave them where I find them.

Sending much love and warm hugs to all,

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Okay I'll pack some FE for you Joyce.
We might call Brinda while I'm there, and Pheadra, LOL.
We are getting togeather after Joyce's class Sat. morning.
My PC is broke, so I may not be on line again until next week.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Yipeee... call me! I should be home.

Janet, it's great to see you! Now I understand why we haven't seen you posting much. My goodness it sure sounds like you've had your hands full. And you are so talented. Is there anything that you won't tackle??? And your kitchen... Wow that looks like loads of fun. At least when it's finished. LOL Keep us updated with pics, please!

I'm on my way to ToysRus as this Saturday my lil Xman turns 4. My goodness.. where does the time go? It just seems like yesterday when he was born.

Love to all...

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Alright for you real smart folks how about answering this question for me;
Please, my 'lightfoot' has horoscope implode. Stay away from any Horoscope e-mails.
Besides carrying a virus, it also had a curse!
Each sign had different years of bad luck if you didn't forward. I sent it to some one who needs a good curse and then it doubled back on me and wrecked havock with everything else.
I guess they do need replacing every 5 years anyway.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Uhoh! What kind of virus protection are you using Sidney? As I told you a few months ago, my wonderful son that has some new hormones pulsing through is juvinile body found a few too many sites that he shouldn't have. I've been working on getting his laptop fixed (I'm trying to do it) for the past week and I'm having a horrible time. Guess I need to go to the computer forum for the experts opinion too. Good Luck, but I'd try to fix this one first!

BTW... didn't you send me that horoscope email? LOL

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

No I only sent it to some deserving kinfolk, LOL. I didn't finsh reading the curse, so I figured sending it to just one would patch past a curse.
Don't Yall hate those curse bartering e-mails. This particular dished out bad luck in years according to what sign you were born under. Well I saw that xzxz curse and just bolted.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Brinda....My Brayden is feeling punky as well....started antibiotics today.....I have to admit I'm feeling about the same, but as the Nannah, I can love him and send him back to mommy too.
So sad, they found a townhouse and are in the process of moving out. I think my little 2 year old man is breaking my heart! :( They are only moving 10 minutes away, but it's different than having him pattering under my feet every day. I know I'm just a weenie wimp.....

Had 2 inches of rain last night, Sidney did you get that too? Wow, what a pleasant surprise for a Florida January! Will be warm this weekend too. I'm hosting the USLacrosse World Cup Team in games at Disney, so will be busy all weekend.

Picking up my sister from Ohio in the morning, what a busy week!


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Have a great visit and tourney Mary.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Luck Sidney with your puter! I hate that for you!!! And I know my youngest son hates it for you too. LOL He has now been told that if we can't fix his laptop that he will have to pay the $1600.00 that it cost. He's been doing some heavy-duty praying! And guess what... his hormone's aren't raging like before either! teehee

Oh Mary... I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Brayden. I do hope he is feeling so much better by now! You're not a weenie-wimp at all, I would feel the same. I love for my lil Xander to come over but I also love it when he goes home too! LOL At least your angel is only moving 10 minutes away!!! Something to be thankful for!

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi!!!! Run by posting,Checking in,Gotta run, Promise to catch-up later..smacks and hugs

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

HELP..... Someone Please tell me that I see PURPLE. and can it be TRUE...

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Hi Everyone!!! I just got home from taking my Mom to the dentist. Ugh... those people make sooo much money! LOL

Pheadra, I don't think it's purple. Ask Sidney as I think she has Yahlala (did I spell that right?) and I just think it's the flash or the camera that is showing that color.

OK... off to work for awhile. Sure is quiet around here. Is everyone getting plenty of rest for the coming gardening season? LOL

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Coleus New for 2008 Florida City Yalaha 4 inch pot
New exciting coleus for 2008. Florida City Yalaha. This is a favorite of customers and of ours! Multicolored leaves have a blend of purple, vibrant red and chartruse. Give it bright light for best color! Sturdy and sun tolerant.

BUT Brinda,, it says it right there on the label.....LOL

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


It's this the one that we had so much trouble growing last year? Of coursesss,, my is long gone?

We use to joke about it being called Falala.....

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Hi Hap! I remember Sidney saying that you and her both had it. But she probably won't answer you for awhile as I believe she & her cousin are on the road up north.

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

If they could promise that purple, WOW, but even though I am a newbie, I have learned to listen to the elders. lol. Plus, I bet Dr. TA could make one just like that with his photoshop ;^).

Hey guys, I have missed our chats. Teensy is sick as well. Wonder what is in the air? She has an ear infection and is on her second round of medicine. She is spending the night with my Mother, so I have a little time to play. Man, work is no fun!! It takes me away from my plants and my friends. Whyyyyy do we have to grow up?

Brinda, thanks dear, you are a smart cookie. D-mail later. I graciously backed out after reading an older thread. Thank goodness I didn't use my leap before you look mentality lol.

Dr. TA, now it looks to me like you are playing and not working. NO FAIR!!

Rvnsbrk, What a lovely collection you have there. Cuttings? I know I didn't just say that!!

Unique, I love remodeling!! Hope you have a good time. Sounds like you have been way busy. BTW, I went into a local nursery and they had a very generic looking copper lady about 2' tall. VERY GENERIC. They wanted $150 for it. I laughed out loud, literally.

Sugar and Jada, you two try to stay out of trouble and plant shops!!

Merry, hope you had a good visit. How interesting on the hosting job!! Tell us how it goes.

Falala lol!! I guess I know one not to order. I am having a hard time staying away from RDG. I know I will be enticed soon, but I guess I need to figure out what I have first!

I cleaned out the study, his. Now it is a nice warm home for my plants. I find a certain poetic justice in this. They have a large 7 x 4 south facing window and plenty of warmth. I also found some trays I had that raise the pots and allow me to water from the bottom and create a good humid environment. EVERYONE of the coleus need a good haircut. I guess I know what I am doing next week. I hope ya'll want potted plants instead of cuttings :^) These babies multiply like rabbits and I always forget to pinch them. Duckfoot? looks like a 1' bush and this is the second pot of it.

Alice, where are you?? I haven't been around much, but definitely notice when you aren't here!

Hugs and sugars (as Teensy says)!!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Teehee, I'm right here on DC's laptop. Mine is off getting new hinges, possibly a new laptop. That's always always possible when you say 'No, I don't want to save the memory.'
I can hardly wait until tomorrow. I spoke with Joyce, she most likely thinks that 'Flo' from Mel's diner has come to town. We're meeting for lunch.
Pictures will follow.
Okay, Yalaha is what the breeders named Dancing Ruffles before I knew that. It is all they say and more.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Yalaha is easy to grow.
I may have some.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Wha-da-ya-meen, there Sugar. I transplanted that puppy so many times that I finally had to give it Dramamine! Then it still croaked on me.

Are you home now?


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

LOL, Happy maybe she is more of a N. Fl. plant.
i'm in Va right now and am metting JadaJoyce for lunch in a little over an hour. Wish it was coleus season, we would need 2 days just to chase coleus.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Hey Flo... Ummm, I mean Sidney?? Are you having fun yet? I am so jealous of you & Joyce having fun! LOL Not really jealous... but maybe just a bit! Are you calling me today? I will not be home this afternoon as today is Xander's birthday and we'll be going over there for his party around 2:00... so call my cell. I'm sure you have the number but just in case I will dmail it to you.

Tracy, I think you are one smart cookie! LOL I have a way of jumping before I think too! Not always a good thing! I sure hope Teensy feels better soon. I know how miserable it is to have a little one that is sick. It breaks my heart. I still have the same ole crud that I've had since right before Christmas and it's getting really old. I do this every year and I'm sure that being cooped up in the house with the heater running has a lot to do with it. Man... Springtime just can't get here soon enough for me. I need some fresh air and I really need to frolic in the gardens. LOL

I've not seen Alice either! Where the heck is she?? Ohhhhh Alice? Come out and play and tell us all about what's going on in your corner of the world!

And where is out sweet shirleyt? Shirley, you're being paged!!! Can you come out and play???

Janet? Any new pictures of the remodel? Oh and since you DH is brave enough to tackle that kitchen project, do you think you could send him up here for a couple weeks? LOL

Juanita, please tell me the secret to getting the amaryllis to bloom again next year? I have never had luck with them and followed the directions. I've been lucky enough in the past to have all the leaves come back but never any blooms.

Ted, I hope you're feeling much better! Show us some new pics!

OK... I best get off this puter and get ready for the big birthday party. I just can't believe that my lil angel is growing up so fast... he is 4 years old today. He called my Mom this morning and told her that she had to be nice at his party today. LOL I'm not sure what that was all about but I'm betting that there must have been discussion between his parents about her. My Mom has a way of speaking her mind... not matter what! LOL Maybe it is written somewhere that when you reach the age of 74 you can say anything???

Love to all...

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Hey Brinda,

I don't know if I have the touch yet or not with the amaryllis. I had about 12 left from last year. I potted 2 over a month ago. One has 2 buds showing and the other hasn't done a thing. A few days ago I potted up the rest into flower boxes and we'll see what happens.

I just take mine outside and when it gets warm and water them and feed them all summer. Morning sun only. Then about the end of Sept or so I stopped watering them and let them dry out. Then I cut off the foliage and brought them in and they've been down in the basement in the dark until now. There was a Dave's article about this a while ago and the instructions there were pretty much what I did.

We shall see what happens with the rest.

Anyhoo, here is a pretty primrose to brighten a very cold day.


Thumbnail by rvnsbrk
Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

How is this one

Thumbnail by TARogers5
FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Awesome Ted. You really make me want to take the time to start learning this stuff again. I;ve been following your thread on the Photo Forum, and most of you use Paintshop. I have Photoshop on my laptop where most of my pics are stored. It seems to work a lot differently than what you use. Maybe it doesn't, and I just don't know how yo use it. :0)


North West, OH(Zone 5b)

ALICE!!!!! You are missed here!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Well Joyce and I had a great time yesterday and she has the neatest big house. Her coleus are just thriving on her dining table now.
I've invited her to come to Jax to shop in a few months.
About the time the new plants arrive in the nurseries.
I am starving this morning. Got a 10 hr drive back to Jax.

Newport News, VA(Zone 11)

Morning Sydney
It was so great meeting you!. Glad you had a good time. Its amazing how much we have in common! We must do it again. Too bad you live so far away. I like to keep my friends close but we will get together in the summer and do some crazy coleus shopping. Say hi to cuz and have a safe trip home!
Call me soon...


Stockholm, Sweden

Yes, where am I???????? ;-))

Stockholm, Sweden

I've been looking, I'm not here either.

I'll have to go and look one more time all over the house.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Yeah!!! Alice is back! How in the world are you? Is it as cold in Sweden as it is in Oklahoma? LOL Brrrrr... if they saying 'freezing my fanny off' were really true I would have lost a good 20-30 pounds by now. (Too bad it isn't true)

Sidney & Joyce! How fun for both of you! I talked with Sidney on the phone yesterday and she said she had a blast. Joyce, she also said that you were a blast and she really enjoyed her visit. I was just thinking how much trouble the two of you could get into in a plant shopping spree.. OWOWOWWWWW

Juanita, I can almost smell that primrose from here. What a fabulous pic you have there. I've never had much luck with them but I have so much direct sun that it doesn't surprise me.

Wow Ted, that's a great pic!

I gotta work now :(((( Blahhhh! I've goofed off most of the week or been on the run doing things that I've not worked much at all. Now it's make up time LOL

Love to all...

Stockholm, Sweden

Hah, I finally found myself. I was hibernating under a big leaf of "Solar Sunrise". I think that's my way of saying I want hot sun & spring and coleus in the garden soon!!!!

Brinda, how nice of you to ask - the weather here it's not so bad, it's somewhat chilly but no snowbut it's a lot less wintery than it should be this time of year.

Traci and Lala ---- FYI --- I also miss you two terribly when you're not around here!!! You are the best.

Sidney - is it true, have you really visited JOYCE???? Oh, I envy you of all my heart.

Joyce - is it true, have you really had SIDNEY visiting you!???? Oh, I envy you too of all my heart.

Ted, you're my biggest challenger in the art of illustration! You should absolutely make something clever for the latest blue coleus chapter in the 4AM-forum.

Junaita, what a gorgeous photo, the colors are amazing!

I'm going back to hibernation now, it's close to midnight here. So, if you can't find me tomorrow, try looking under the leaves of my coleus with "Solar" or "Sun" in their names.
Aliczzzzzzzz zzzz

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Glad to see you too Alice!! Missed you. I know about that hibernation thing. Just want to stick my head under the grow lights and stay there. :0)

Got another pretty picture. This one is a Benfica amaryllis. Just opened this morning. It is the most amazing, deep, dark burgundy I think I've ever seen in any flower. The picture just can't capture it. It has two stems with 4 blooms each coming. In a few days this should be spectacular!

Can't wait for tomorrow. NOT! We seem to have sprung a leak underneath our master bath shower in the last couple of days. Will be hanging out here waiting for the plumber to come. I'm sure they will have to tear out the ceiling in my foyer to get to this. I almost started painting last week, but was too depressed to face the woodwork, so I let it go. Good thing. Now maybe someone else can do it when they repair the ceiling. ;0)

Such is life. At least the plumber will be able to eat this week.

Stay warm everyone,

Thumbnail by rvnsbrk
Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good thing for the plumber! LOL Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll be cute!? Beautiful bloom Juanita... don't they make you smile?

OK ...New week so we have a new thread....

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