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Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

My garage door is getting stuck when I try to open it this winter. I hit the remote to open the door when getting ready to leave the garage and it the door gets stuck while it is going up. I have to then close it again and try to reopen it, sometimes i have to help push it up manually.

Any suggestions?

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

There are a few things that could be wrong:
Is this a wooden door or aluminum?

If it's a wood door, the framing that makes the opening for the door could be warped due to moisture...or the door itself may be warped, causing it to swell, and then getting stuck, or wedged at a certain point.

OR, it could be that the big steel brackets that are attached to the door and/or the frame need to be adjusted. Normal wear and tear of opening and closing the door can cause them to slip which throws the alignment off.

Either way, it's best to call a garage door co. to come and adjust it for you, as it can be very dangerous to do it yourself. Those guys have support poles and braces they use to stabilize the door when they are working on them.

Your automatic door opener has a sensor built into it that causes it to stop when it hits something, and then close since yours is stopping in the opening process, it would be better to use it manually until you get the problem solved.

Repeated attempts at trying to make it go up with the opener, while it is obstructed, can ruin your opener. The co. we use for these things charges about 50.00 to come out to service a door with this problem. It's well worth it, and much safer to have a pro do it.

If you have an aluminum door, the rollers may have a flat spot on them causing it to stall.

Again, a good garage door installer/repairman can fix it for you.

It,s all about balancing the door properly on the brackets, and if you don't know what you're doing, you can make the problem worse!

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

thanks for your help....I have aluminum doors and will see if I can find someone locally to help fix it.

Missouri City, TX

Another potential problem could be a broken spring - there are at least two - one or more for each side. The opener may be strong enough to raise it with one broken, but you are putting a tremendous strain on it - call the pros.

Changing springs by yourself is dangerous work. I have done it ONCE!! That was enough - nearly got hit by the door when I released the bad spring - had to manually raise it - took the whole family - was a wooden 1 piece door.

One more thing - ALWAYS replace the springs on both sides. Replacing one will cause the other to break soon, so another service call and more $$ - better to get it all done at once.

West Central, WI(Zone 4a)

A few years ago I had the same problem with my garage door. It would especially happen when the temps were very, very cold. I was told that since it was an older door, that the grease on the chain drive was getting 'gunked up'. I replaced it with a belt drive door opener because the original was so old, and didn't even have any safety features on it. Otherwise, cleaning and re-greasing the links may have fixed the problem. Good Luck.

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