Wanted to add Xanthoria polycarpa to PF

Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

but it doesn't recognize the genus Xanthoria..

Thumbnail by bonitin
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

bonitin, you should use this thread: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/768705/
for all requests for new familys and genera to be authorised for PlantFiles.

Put in a request in that thread, specifying the genus and family of the missing species, that is in your case,
Genus: Xanthoria
Family: Teleoschistaceae

I am interested to see the reaction. There are very few lichens in PlantFiles at present. I have only been able to locate three:


Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Kennedy!
Yes, I also first thought there were no lichens in PF and I almost started a thread in Dave's Garden to suggest to allow them until I discovered that there were a couple, the same counts for mosses..
I have collected quite a lot of pics over the years of lichens and mosses I would like to add to PF. They fascinate me with their beauty and endless variety. I'm gradually trying to ID them with the help of some books I have and the internet. I realise though that some will be impossible to ID correctly as one needs a microscope for that and is really for specialists which I'm not.
The biggest problem though is to find out the Family name as it's not mentioned in my books and hard to find on Internet.
Thanks for finding the Family name of the Xanthoria

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