Wall Oven or Not

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi I'd like some feed back on built in wall oven's and counter top ranges. We are building a new home and I don't know whether I should go to built in or not. Where I live now the oven is built in but it's not a really great oven and the range is those solid burners that hold the heat forever. I was thinking gas range and electric oven and maybe all in one or built in, what do you think??????

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Personally I like the look of the built in appliances. I also like the gas for cooktops and the electric oven for baking since it tends to hold temps more evenly than the gas ovens do While the gas gives better control on surface cooking.

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

Zanymuse: I've only had a gas range once a long time ago and I do remember how when you turn the temp down it's down. The oven does look nice in the wall,can you get selfcleaning ovens that are built in? You can tell I have'nt gone to any appliance store's yet. Anyway thanks for the feed back

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

I have a built in electric oven and a gas cook top and I love it that way. The oven is higher than it would be in a self contained unit and easier for me to use. The gas cook top is on when it's on and off when it's off. My oven is a self-cleaner, but I only used it once. it got so hot that it changed the way the timer dinger sounded and I decided that I can wipe up spills without any trouble. Our microwave is right over the oven, so there's that much more counter space for me to put bean crocks and old bread bowls on.

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

That's what I was kind of worried about, the self cleaning was the intense heat. That might be why the person that had this house before didn't get the self cleaning. Ater what you Kathleen and Zanymuse have told me about the range part for sure I'm going gas there. As far as the oven I was concerned with the self cleaning and the loss of cupboard space. I guess it really dosen't make any differance because you get drawers or cupboards under your range right, and I like the idea of not having to bend over to get things out of the oven. If I do have to clean the oven at least it'll be eye level to do. Thanks FP

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

I have a good sized cupboard under the cook top - there wasn't room for the drawers with the gas works there, but the cupboard is lovely and holds a ton of stuff. The only drawback to the built in oven that I can see is that that unit was the most expensive in the whole kitchen, but besides the oven and microwave, there is a double door cupboard up top and a very big drawer underneath for the pots. Mine go clear to the ceiling, so if you opt for the cupboards that leave a space between the top and ceiling, you will have a smaller top cupboard. Nothing like building or remodeling a house to teach you more than you ever thought you wanted to know!!

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

That's right I forgot how much room the gas pipes and whatever would take. We're down sizing and oh what a chore. I know it'll be just fine it's just getting to that point. But I appreciate your advice, sounds like you've done this a few times. This is my first time to get in on the design of my house. I'm excited and nervous about how it's all going to look when all is said and done. I like the look of the openess over the cupboards because I like to put things up there to decorate. I've got it I'll make it look good and when it's time to make dinner I'll make reservations. All kidding aside I have an electric range right now with a drawer under it and I've put all my spices there and it's so conveniant to have them right there. I lay them lable up and it's so much easier then in the cupboard where you have to move them around to find which one you want. Like you say trial and error. FP

Travis AFB, CA(Zone 9a)

I love a wall oven. It's so easy to get items in and out of it. It's a snap to clean; the door on mine comes off easily.

I like to cook at the stove top and not have to stand next to a raging oven.

Ideally; I want TWO wall hung ovens and a separate cooktop,

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

A couple things to take into consideration: size of your kitchen and how much oven space you need.

When we remodeled that meant removing the wall oven and cooktop, and replacing them with a gas range with the biggest oven I could find (small kitchen and I need enough oven space to cook meals for a crowd.) The newer ovens are better insulated, and I really don't get uncomfortable standing in front of it, even when I've got the broiler going full-blast.

If space and money were no object, I'd go with a gas cooktop, warming drawer beneath, and dual built-in ovens, one being a convection/micro/conventional combination oven (yep, they really make such a thing.) And I would check into the self-cleaning issue because I'm too messy to not have a self-cleaning one ;0)

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

I agree about the self cleaning I've always got something over flowing, but generally just after I've cleaned the oven. I also like the idea of having the oven level with my arms. The one here I still have to bend to get things in and out of the oven. Caroline it would be nice with two but I don't cook that much anymore except for special holidays. So that might not be what I'd need. go_vols your idea sounds ausume(sp) and expensive we did go into a home, of people we know that just built, and she has all the stainless steel frig side by side (huge) the duel built in oven's and the gas counter top range with a barbeque two sinks, one for dishes and the other for cleaning veggies, big bucks. Forgot the stainless steel dishwasher a real dream kitchen.

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

question for all you guys:

if one has a gas stove-top and an electric in-the-wall oven, where is the broiler? right now i am in an apartment (have been for the last 24 years) and have almost always had a gas oven/stove combo with the broiler in the bottom and i absolutely adore my gas broiler for doing garlic toast (so wonderful with a couple flipped eggs!) but when i buy my house (soon, i hope) i will be making the kitchen my own. anybody got any info on the broiler part? thanks!

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi Karenmarie: There's no separate part in an electric oven like the gas. You just put your rack, up to the top of you oven, and turn your oven control to broil. You are to leave your oven door open a crack, to vent while in broil mode. Now I remember, what I liked about a gas oven, your whole oven dosen't get splashed with grease, because it's in a drawer below the oven.

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

hmmm ... this makes me stop to reconsider the separate electric wall oven because i am so very devoted to that gas broiler ... somehow electric broilers never seem to work as well for me ... nothing like that direct flame!

St. Thomas, ON(Zone 5b)

I haven't started to shop yet for my oven, but I'm wondering, if you can get, gas built in with separate broiler??

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

good question! inquiring minds wanna know!

Crossville, TN

It seems like my DH told me (he used to do appliance/A/c work)that in an electric oven the only time your top heating element came on was in Pre-heat, and Broil. I know that now I am getting "more mature" I find I forget to change the setting from pre-heat to bake...have ruined a lot of good things this way! When I first moved here and had a gas range, none of my baking came out right...I blamed it on the GAS...come to find out...I didn't adjust the recipes for altitude!(I have ELECTRIC now and love it) Jo

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

My last two ranges have been gas. Both of them have had a top broiler within the oven itself, not in the drawer below (I had one of those several houses and apartments ago.)

The new gas ovens also self-cleaning, so I don't worry about any spattering that occurs. It's nice becuase it frees up the bottom drawer for cookie sheets and pizza pans.

And yes, gas broilers do make nice garlic bread :)

my oven door broke off compltely the day before christmas so i had to tie on the oven door to make turkey...no basting but it worked out ok....mine is a wall oven...40 years old...so i am going to get another wall oven when i can...i like the handiness of eye level. i was shocked by the price of them however as they are as much or more than total stoves it seems....goodness....the prices of everything.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Mummy, check your local "thrifty nickle" papers. You can often buy a used wall oven for a fraction of the price of a new one. Or even find one just like yours, and perhaps salvage the door from it (they're easy to swap out if you get the right size.)

When we gutted our kitchen, we offered our wall oven for $25, and got lots of calls for it. It was avocado green, but perfectly functional (we just couldn't use it in our new kitchen, because we had chosen a gas range to save space.)

good idea vols...i will check for a used one....i don't think my door is fixable as it's soooo old....a service call for them to look at the door was going to be 95.oo...that seemed too much to spend on the old oven which has other stuff wrong with it anyway....but i do like the idea of a used one...my cooktop has only 2 working burners....so maybe i can find one there as well....these things all happened at once...sigh...thank goodness for my microwave and electric fry pan and crock pot....(knocking hard on wood)

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

another option that i recently learned about, mummy, is to go to a store that sells "damaged" or repossessed appliances (my brother bought all new kitchen appliances at a store like this in washington state and a realtor told me that there is a sears outlet that sells this kind of stuff near where i live in massachusetts).

the experience of both my brother and this realtor is that you can get "damaged" goods with such tiny damage as to be insignificant yet get a very good discount.

good luck!

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

I used to have a gas stove, with a gas oven also. I loved it! I do a lot of canning, and when the pressure gauge gets a little too high, I could just turn the flame down a little and all was well. With the gas oven, if our electricity went out, (which it does often), I could start the oven, open the door and we would stay relatively warm in the kitchen. One night, we had 5 little ones sleeping in sleeping bags in the kitchen, with us keeping watch)!

I now have an electric stove and oven. I hate it for canning, because it takes so long for the heat to go down if my pressure canner gets too hot. I'm forced to remove it from the burner for awhile. A hot, full canner is no fun to try and delicately move. We also lost our heat source in cases of a power outage.

Next time around, I'm going with a gas range and oven both. Maybe it's all in what you use it for and what you are used to.

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