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Face brushes

Stockton, CA(Zone 9a)

For anyone out there looking for a great face brush and having no luck in finding a decent one, I discovered that baby hairbrushes work great! And you can probably find them at your local dollar store.

I have hunted for years to find a face brush like I used when I was a teenager and living at home & not had any luck finding a decent one like my mom has. Hers has been around all of my 47 years and who knows how long she had it before that, but boy did they make things to last back then!

I have spent $10 for one that is the diameter of a quarter because that is all I could find, and after just a few uses it is all matted down! Very frustrating. So grab a few different brands and find out which is the right softness for you and then stock up. My dollar store carries 2 brands and one is too stiff and the other is just right. (lol, I sound like Goldilocks) So I will use the stiffer one as a hand/nail/foot brush.

Hope someone finds this helpful. And for those of you that have never used a scrub brush, there is nothing like it! Try it and see how well it cleans deep in your pores and leaves your face feeling so invigorated from all the blood flowing through your skin. I find it also shrinks my pores and gives my skin a very healthy glow which is a good thing since I rarely wear any foundation.

Saint Louis, MO

Wow, 47 and you don't need foundation...I'm getting a baby hairbrush! This is such a great idea. You are very clever. I'm 49 and still have oily skin. The brushes that I've tried (that are made for the face) are so harsh my skin feels tender when I'm done - not to mention they are way over-priced. I must have been using the papa bear brush. Can't wait to try this!
Thanks, Chris

Stockton, CA(Zone 9a)

Hope you find a "just right" one, those papa bear brushes feel like they're taking the top layer of skin, don't they? OUCH!

Houston, TX

Try scrubbing with dark brown sugar too! It's better than the face brush. The baby hairbrush idea is SUPER. I'm going to pass that along. I use a combo of things to keep my skin young. Crochet hemp scrubby cloth I make with raw hemp twine... they soften as they get used though. After a while they are just wash cloths & I have to make a new one. Microfiber cloths... but finding good ones are hard now... so many knock offs that don't work. Sea salt in various ways for scrubbing. Dark brown sugar scrub for a great natural peel every few months. But for every day... I like a face brush with some handmade homemade old fashioned soap. I make my own soap but you can buy that online at or eBay. Neem oil soap is best I think. Also African Black Soap is TREMENDOUS for daily cleansing. You have to find a good recipe though. Some don't know how to really make it right. It should be soft & not really a bar of soap but a glob of soap. It's so gentle & so pure with the brush you just can't go wrong. I buy mine imported from a small village in Africa. I don't have the link offhand though. Google search will find one though. Mothers there even use it on their babies... so it's very pure & gentle. Old fashioned soap has the ability to gently remove dead skin. It's the best thing for cleansing your face & best of all... no chemicals & preservatives! Thanks so much for this tip about the baby brush. I just love that idea!

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