Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting

West Jordan, UT

I went to a trade show last week and was introduced to fiber optic lighting for the general landscape. I am familiar with it's use around swimming pools but hadn't thought of it as a great option for other parts of the landscape. It seems to have some interesting design applications and can be easily hidden since the widest part of the fixture is the size of a ballpoint pen cap. Lots more flexible than a standard fixture. They won't cover a large area as standard fixtures would but for moonlighting, use in and around water or highlighting a specific plant, it seems like an interesting option. Has anyone used this or have experience with it? I'm sure there are a number of vendors but here's a link to the one I was introduced to:

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I tried LED landscape lighting, colored lights, focused beam and wide beam and really was happy with it, and the very name dictates that it should last for a long time. They ended up going out for one reason or another. I don't think the idea has quite caught up with the practical end of it quite yet, but I'm convinced it will, just a matter of hit and miss, better materials, assembly etc.,
I haven't really tried the high end stuff, which I'm sure probably does better. In anycase, I'll try again..I just cruised through the site..haven't been for a couple of's always interesting to check out the ideas and gadgets.


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