how can you tell a fall carrot from a spring carrot?

Lake Dallas, TX

I plant cool stuff in fall. Spring is a waste of time here, since hot weather comes on too quick.

Radishes are usually labeled as fall or spring radishes. If it says heat resistant, I assume it is a spring radish

I think all the small round beets are more meant for spring, so I am planting the long ones next year. They say long root and have longer maturity.

I never see it mentioned if a carrot would like spring or fall weather better.

If no one has any ideas on this I will just select late maturing varieties.

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

With Carrots and beets it is more a matter of planting time. Fall crops are usually done in the south. Planted in late August- September harvested in late fall early winter. Depending on how severe January weather is in your location, an early maturing cultivar may be better for fall planting. That is the case here for both spring and fall cool weather crops. Summers are just too hot for them to survive. In more northern locations, they can be planted in late spring and grow through the summer so a longer maturity date is possible.

January Big Top

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Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

Good question, I have some carrots planted now I hope they do well.

Lake Dallas, TX

Yes that makes sense. The carrots kinda sit there dormant all winter, waiting for warmer weather to grow.

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