Water usage

(Zone 6a)

Thanks to all who commented. I like the string down orientiation. We will give bales a try and hope for the best since the alternative is raised beds which I don't really want to do. We'll start small - probably 20 bales. Checked on bales at the locoal COOP, they wanted $7-9, and I didn't go into the difference between them feeling that I could get them cheaper. Found a neighbor just a couple of miles away who sells them for $4.

Wake Forest, NC

lakesidecallas: Welcome Aboard! looking forward to hearing how your bale garden does.


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

From the sounds of it, $4 might be pretty good this year Lakeside. 'course it depends on your area too., 20 bales will be a pretty big garden. Should be very nice.


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