Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

As many of you know della has a unique Jm business as a broker of Jm's... Her prices are very reasonable for the ages( 4+ years 3 gallon pots) and sizes she sells ...she ships in pots not bare or semi bare root.and shipping is reasonable.. She is in the very essense of the word a small businerss person who loves what she does and isn't gonna get rich on her mark ups. So it behooves me to post she has a list of cultivars she has had her distributor hold for her and will pick up shortly .She will only get those that she thinks are "della worthy" so what is listed is not written in stone if it doesn't pass the Della test she won't take it vis a vis you won't get it ... here is the link to her site with the list ..she will hold any you are interested in and send sizes and jpegs before you buy them ..( but if you are just fishing don't have her hold them let someone else have that opportunity that is really interested). She is one of the few etailers that will ship larger plants which for most northern areas is important since ebay babies are a risky proposition... go to: " japanese maples in stock" from the below link for the complete list . oh BTW she is a really nice person and as honest as the day is long!!.. David

Oh heck here's the list!!

Acer japonicum
1 green cascade
2 itaya
2 lovett
2 meigetsu
1 oregon fern
1 otake
1 vitafolium
Acer palmatum
1 amber ghost
2 ao shidare
2 ao shime no uchi
2 arakawa
1 asahi zuru
2 coonara pygmy
1 corallinum
1 dark straw
2 flavecens
1 eagles claw
2 elegans
1 fireball
1 beni ubi gohon
2 berrima bridge
2 grandmas ghost
2 green hornet
1 groundcover
2 japanese sunrise
1 julia d
2 flushing
2 germaunes gyration
2 goshiki kotohime
2 nishiki gawa
1 nishiki sho ( seems to be a version of Arakawa maybe older )
2 ojishi
2 omurayama
1 orange dream
2 orangeola
2 ornatum
2 pendulum julian
1 pine bark
1 pink lace
2 purple ghost
2 red baron
2 lion heart
1 mejishi ( Shishigashira)
1 mikawa yatsubusa
2 sharps pygmy
1 shojo shidare
2 watnog
2 wakehurst pink
2 yugure
2 red feathers
1 red filligree
2 roseum
2 will d
2 yubae
1 chantilly lace
Acer shirasawanum
2 palmatifoliun
1 red dawn

web site [[email protected]]

Email Her at [email protected]

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Newport News, VA(Zone 7b)

I agree, I purchased my little Omure Yama from her and got at excellent plant at a reasonable price.

Nice to see she has a website again.


Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Below are ones FROM HER LIST I have either had experience with or that I own now that I love and or show potential but have not had long... there are several others I left off since my jury is out or am not in love with and a few I don't have . Her potential list is excellent and I don't have problem with any of them just thought to give my opinion on ones i think are winners by history or potential winners and cool that I personally have witnessed for a shorter period. ( BTW All her listed Japonican's are good hardy choices ) David

A.j. green cascade great really cold hardy can take sun too really nice form!!

ao shime no uchi cold hardy ...takes sun

coonara pygmy somewhat cold hardy but a winner

flavecens no history nice green dissectum

eagles claw no history interesting green dissectum

elegans new no history but I really like it's look

fireball new no history but sows great potential whiches broom may be less hardy keep containerized

berrima bridge the best all around dissectum for sun cold and color

groundcover no history but looks like a winner rare

japanese sunrise NOT WINTER HARDY but the best of any of the red/orange/yellow bark cultivars takes sun well makes Sango kaku look like pig weed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

julia d no history but like will D seems really nice

germaunes gyration takes some some winter hardy nice

goshiki kotohime all around good hardy cultivar

ojishi inch worm slow growing but cool winter hardy

omurayama nice weeping upright

orange dream hardier than you would think and purdy

orangeola great form hardiness suspect ...keep containerized

pendulum julian most under appreciated older dissectum super winter hardy and takes sun seems to be a spreading type GREAT dissectum

pink lace not hardy but neat keep containerized

red baron better than Bloodgood Emperor 1 or fireglow ...but of same ilk super hardy and cool

lion heart no history but I love it so far ..keep containerised

mejishi ( Shishigashira) my favorite ...different hardy needs a bit of shade can't miss

mikawa yatsubusa great all around hardy

sharps pygmy really nice not real small super hardy takes some sun

shojo shidare neat blue/gtreen color disectum hardiness suspect keep in container

watnog no history best new dissectum IMHO somewhat upright I love this one

wakehurst no history pink very nice great look

yugure hardy takes some sun all around nice smaller tree underrater

red feathers REALLY hardy suprisingly ...slow grower but super lacy COOL takes sun too

red filligree no history grows really slow!!!!!!!! seems very nice

will d no history similar to julia D really nice looking buy one or the other they aren't much diddernt

yubae Only one person has seen variegation ( Vertrees) ...but supper hardy and takes sun nice smaller upright keeps red color well

chantilly lace I love this one seems hardy to a point ...takes sun

A.s palmatifoliun no history seems hardy and nice ( big tree)

A.s red dawn no history but seems to take sun and be hardy ...nice colors!!

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Milford, DE

Hello David

I know fireball. It was my fathers introduction. It withstand the winter and the summer sun better than most witchbrooms I have seen. His was planted on the southeast side of a building and never had any problems.

Red Feathers was found by a friend of mine. It originates from Vermeulens nursery in Neshanic Station, NJ. You are correct on the slowness of growth. From what I have seen it resemble Red Filigree Lace, but can take a harsher winter than the RFD. These people were also the originators of Acer Palmatum Burgendy Lace. The original plant is still planted outside there greenhouses.

They have had quite a few cultivar introductions of deciduous and conifers as did we.

by the way nice collection


Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

I am posting to this again to move it up ...she a;ready has alot of holds but plenty of nice cultivars left on the list ..and she is definitly going the end of this month SO if you are interested in anything on her list let her know pronto..she will hold it and if you like the jpeg of it it's yours ...If you are just fishing please don't.have her hold stuff yopu really arn't interested in on a whim!!!... leave for more serious folks and don't nickle and dime her ...she is neither rich or in this to make a killing ...her prices are fair..if you want to dicker try that at lowes...good luck with that ;>)
...How is it that what we would never do at lowes or home depot or walmart but feel it is ok to ask or demand or brow beat or otherwise try to take advantage of someone who has little and is such a nice person and can least afford to offer additional discounts or deals or some "special treatment "... and swoop in it happens to nice folks like della who has a hard time saying no to folks cause she is too nice ....we have all done this including me( not to her..but to others) !!! ..that is really sad IMHO!!!! ;>) David

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Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Just a note to tell you all that Dellas trees have arrived ...some are already spoken for but she has a list on line with those that "may" still be available and photos of some of the avaiables on her site under "TREE PICTURES"... She was VERY happy with what she got in both size and fullness and from what I saw I agee. I will say her photographic abilities are somewhat lacking ;>000 and do not represent her abilities of picking JM's ;>)... One note I highly reccomend the Red Baron ( not "Baren" it can reproduce ;>) ) that is shown on the "picture" page. If you like bloodgood types it is a boffo tree VERY hardy holds color well grows fast late leafer .far superior to Bloodgood in every respect I have one about 15 ft from a grouping of three Bloodgoods ...I like da Baron much better.. can take sun or shade and the one she has is VERY nice!!! David

Danville, IN

I've ordered a half dozen unusual JMs from Della for shipping next week, and have been really pleased with the whole process. She sent pics of the actual trees when she got them last week, along with prices and shipping costs, both of which were excellent (the photos weren't bad either)! The trees are of impressive quality and size. I'm looking forward to adding them to my landscaping.

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Question: I want several small cascading jms for my landscape. I already have 2 coral barks, bloodgood, and several others that I need to find out what they are. I emailed Della, and I have a list of possibilities:

mikawa yatsubusa
sharps pygmy
coonara pygmy
a.j. meigetsu
inabe shidare
green hornet

Given my climate and preferences, which would you recommend?

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Of that list only the ornatum, inaba shidare, green hornet are cascading disectums...the others are smaller cultivars but not cascading or dissected. All should do ok for you the Inaba being the most hardy ... The other two may need some protection ... Ornatum is a very old cultivar and may be ok... red Dissectums seem to be hardier than green ( Green Hornet) in my experience but that may be a coincidense The later the bud break the better maybe my red ones just break bud ltr or maybe it is a general trend... Green hornet is suppose to be hardy too but I do not know that for a fact and it may or may not be true. Berrima Bridge although "slightly" more upright is EXTREEMLY hardy and an A+ choice for a green dissectum that starts out green and turns redish in summer the opposite of most other dissectums...It is a real winner!! David

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

Thanks for reminding me where to find Della. I just now saw this post. I had bought 4 JM's from her 2 years ago, and they are 4 of the prettiest things I own in my yard. We just had a freeze come thru where I live, and my biggest worries were my trees I got from her - not the other JM's, but hers. They are just the best specimens.
I sent her an email to see if she had a couple available that I'd like to get from her this year.
Thanks again for the info.

Prattville, AL

We live in zone 8 in Alabama. We have a 14,000 gal pond in full sun. I want to get a cascading JP to put up by the waterfall.
What would you recommend for this area? Thanks for the info on Della's site.

Tomball, TX(Zone 9a)

Looking to see if anyone can advise the name of a JM for me here in zone 8B - Looking for red leaf color all year, upright, not the lacy type. Any suggestions?

Walhalla, SC

The new cultivar Hephner's red or Hefner's red select is supposedly better for holding up in our hotter climates. I have not tried it yet but it is marketed as being better than the other bloodgood types. I will mention that none of them are going to do well in full sun. You will need quite a bit of afternoon shade, but this newer cultivar is also marketed as holding color better in some shade as well.

Tomball, TX(Zone 9a)

thanks!! will be on the lookout, and will keep it out of the afternoon sun -

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

David, I don't know you, but I am pretty upset with you right about now. lol. I just ordered 9 more of Della's trees - all started from this thread. Maybe she should pay you some commission... lol.

1 meigetsu
1 sharpe's pygmy
1 grandma ghost
2 flavesens
2 chantilly lace
1 shojo shidare
1 baldsmith

Actually 6 of them are not for me personally.

I have to restate what a wonderful person Della is to deal with !-- she's been very patient with me.

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Me too. I ordered 5, and am thinking about 3 more. If only I hadn't blown all my money paying Uncle Sam his Alternative Minimum Tax. I'd much rather have plants...

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

db - sooo youuuuu're the one that got the coonara ! lol.
Was it your order she's been working on getting out this week or have you already gotten yours ?

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

No, I told her not to worry about sending mine. She was packing up someone else's order to send. Yep, that was me on the coonara. I also took the orangeola that was the last one. I really need the other 3, but she said she'd have them next year. And I'm giving the IRS more every paycheck so they don't come callin' in April when I'm buying plants.

hurdle mills, NC

Diane, They are on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Yippee!!! How long should I let them rest in their pots before planting? And it's in the 40's at night. Do they need to go into the greenhouse for a while?

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Could anyone give me Della's website? The one above doesn't work for me.

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

try this


looks the same doesn't it ?

or - just google nurserygirl1 - and she will come up.

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Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

here it is again ...this site puts in parenthesis and "e-mail :" before the link for some reason?? just don't use the link type in starting at conwayd that should work if not email me at the above and i will link it to you ...daves is wierd that way or go to her web site at www.nurserygirl1.tripod.com/index.html ( again start with www.nurserygirl only and email her from there... David

hurdle mills, NC

Diane, you're so funny!!
I think the trees would be fine as long as it doesn't freeze again.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

The Omure Yama I got from Della this spring is already 4' wide. It' just astonishing. She sure picks and ships good stock.

Danville, IN

My four JMs I received this spring were absolutely fantastic. In pristine condition (exceptional packing) and well worth the reasonable charges. They have been growing by leaps and bounds. I look forward to ordering from Della again next year. I highly recommend her!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks, all! Placed my order for a Lion Heart!

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

I was surprised the Lionheart didn't go sooner ...I love mine I got last year from Greers ( Della didn't get them last time.).. give it some shade though it will crisp out in summer heat...it is really differnt ...somewhat upright and branched more outward...from afar it may seem a bit skimpy but that is it's form VERY differnt for a dissectum I would consider it a semi upright red dissectum ...the color seems to hold well if as I said you get the right amount of sun and shade ...always a struggle with all red JM's David

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I already love it and I haven't seen it in person yet! I think I hav just the place for it with afternoon shade.

Thumbnail by joycet
Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

Very nice one ! Congrats.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

I might mention I have mine in a large 17 gal cedar pot...out of fear from last springs freeze although it is not an early budder...as with all dissectums I would be sure it is in a protected place if you plant it out...I think this tree is pretty hardy and last springs freeze was a 50+ year event ...BUT I should re-mention that of all trees I had planted out killed by last springs freeze 85% (approx) were dissectums most in exposed areas even though they are generally close to the ground that should have helped them. David

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Wow...I guess I'm lucky...I didn't lose any! They looked like crap, but they all made it.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Yes you are very luck there were and are always alot of variables involved but you are a little south of me and a little north if st louis ...a smide closer to me north wise...But you might have been in a micro climate or a bit warmer for some reason cause of the frozen dissectums I have lots of living root stock thats it...But I will say that some of it may have been from the aftermath ... after 10 days of sub freezing night and just above freezing days we had a 1.5" heavy rain that sat on top of the now frozen earth in many places for a couple of days...so some may have kaputted from root rot or psuedonomous but IMHO those tended to be uprights ...the dissectums releafed out and seemed fine and then died.. their damage was visable on the trunks many just blacked and went up and pufff they were gone David

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I would have severe depression.......... :o(

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

The big 9' Ever Red I lost succumbed to frost splits in the bark. They were too many and too large to allow the tree to move nutrients up and down the trunk. The tree fully leafed out and the bark damage wasn't really apparent until mid June. By then the tree had tried to form bark callouses to close the splits. I counted eight overall and they were in every portion of the trunk from top to bottom. It still otherwise looked good until mid September when a major branch just died overnight. This spring there were only two live branches left at the very bottom of one side. When I took it out we peeled the bark to look at the damage and found that the tree had lost nearly 90% of the cambium. There was very little contiguous ability left to moved food and up and down the trunk. The oddest thing is that a Viridis about 10' away and in the same exposure suffered no damage at all.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

I was told by an experienced nursery person one of there suppliers on the west coast had a similar situation as last spring with warm early spring and then a secere cold spell They said they went out late at night to their JM growing fields and could hear the sapand bark popping like fire crackers... I don't know if this was when the trees were getting cold or warming up but the inference was cold...David

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