What will grow on the east side of a home?

Edinburg, IL(Zone 6a)

At the height of summer there is direct sun until about 2pm on, less sun of course in the spring and fall. What kind of flowering bushes or perennial flowers will grow that won't be affected by radical sun change? Average clay soil and watering will not be a problem.

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7b)

Rugosa or rambler roses would probably do well. Butterfly bushes, Rose of Sharon, you need to keep them trimmed back, but the hummers love em. Geez, I'm drawing a blank here. LOL I'm sure there are many, many more for you to chose from. And more folks will be able to help with this.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You can probably grow a pretty good variety of plants--you get enough hours of sun that many full sun plants will do OK there (unless they're the sort that really like the blazing late afternoon heat), and since you have only morning and early afternoon sun, you can probably also grow some things that want part shade.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Almost anything as the East is often more protected from late/early frosts and by the time winter sun reaches that part, then even tender buds on shrubs wont be defrosted by the warmer direct sun on them so the buds dont get killed off as in Camelias etc.
I would say you are luck enough to be able to grow just about anything that can tolerate your zone, more tender plants can be given either a good winter mulch of leaf mould or wood chips if you forcast severe frosts. the good thing about East facing is flowering shrubs and Perennials, they much prefere that site than hot blazing sun all day or late evening. As for your clay soil try get hold of as much compost/animal manure as possible to enrich the soil and help break it up to allow air into it, this also helps retain food for longer and the plants benefit as there roots wont freeze come really freezing winter weather, so get along to the library/book store and look at plant books with pictures of landscaping and borders as these will give you some great ideas as to what plants look good together in beds etc and colours that blend together also, it is fun planing areas that you thought would be a chalenge only to be surprised at the choices you have. good luck. Weenel.

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

The east side of my house gets summer sun through about 1 in the afternoon. I have a florabunda rose, Lady Banks rose, azaleas, daylilies, jasmine, coneflowers, dwarf ornamental grass (Hamlin) and clematis. All of them have been thriving very nicely since I planted them about 3 years ago. My soil is also clay to which I added lots of organic stuff (mostly cow manure and peat moss). I mulch with cedar wood chips to help control the weeds. Hope this helps with a few ideas.

South Hamilton, MA

Our house in WI grew peonies on the east side without shade. Same plants growing here in MA on east with partial shade.

Symsonia, KY(Zone 6b)

i amended my clay soil on the east side of the house and planted cleome, dahlia, rosa rugosa and other roses, hollyhocks, gladiolas, moonflower vine(annual here). summer sun is harsh in the afternoon here.

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South Hamilton, MA

pandora 125 Looks great we can all get good ideas from others. I have a candy tuft in front of one set of peonies & basket of gold alyssum on the other, that one is fading out & needs to be replaced, also have a short daylily and medium sized blueberry bush on that side.

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