Chicken manure.

Debary, FL

Has anybody used chicken manure?

If so please tell me if you like it better than cow or horse manure

Thank you.


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi 14, you do not say if the chicken manure is fresh or dried, already left to compost down or if you have time/room for any of this.
I use DRIED pelleted chicken manure all year in my garden/greenhouse plants as I can buy it very cheaply from the garden centers in large tubs, it works well and helps feed the plant roots all season AND you only use a small handful per plant root at planting time, for my veg beds, after I dig the beds in early spring to remove the weeds, I scatter larger amounts over the soil and rake it into the soil as I flatten out all the larger lumps and bumps in the beds before seed planting,
I have a friend who has her own chickens and I take as much of her straw and poo as possible, but that FRESH manure has to be left in a pile to rot down till it looks like dark earth or bought compost, the smell has died away and I also add any garden refuse to cover the pile to help keep the heat in, the heat helps break the straw down, I can then use this the following autumn to top dress shrubs, perennials or the veg bed, then by spring it gets forked or dug into the earth, it is great stuff and the straw that comes with it is also a good soil conditioner. the danger of using fresh chicken manure is the ammonia etc will burn the plants both at the roots or if in contact with the stems etc above ground.
Hope this is clear and helps you out, dont be passing up the chance of this liquid gold, just treat it the right way and your garden will reward you for it. WeeNel.

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

I get fresh manure mixed with wood chips and I use them in my compost pile. Like, WeeNel, said the composted stuff is great fertilizer.

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