seed sowing or seedlings indoors now?

Oologah, OK

new at veggies. want to plant bell peppers,roma tomatoes, scallions, red onion,lettuce,new potatoes, banana peppers and 1 mild chili pepper. not sure if all of these will grow here, still have to do my homework. (zone 6- OK)Once i know, is it better to start seeds now indoors, or wait until after lat frost and sow seed directly into garden? also any suggestions on good barriers other than expensive fencing? out in the country here with plenty of critters to eat those veggies. I dont mind sharing a few, but would like to have some left.LOL and what about keeping the birds away? sorry so many questions, havent done my reading yet, but like hearing all the advice here,, first hand knowledge yaknow..thnx, sh

Nova, OH(Zone 5b)

Hello Shubbard, Yes you can grow all the veggies you listed above in your zone. You will want to start the peppers and tomatoes indoors. The lettuce can be grown either way. Scallions and onions and potatoes get direct sown. Here is a link to a great article on growing potatoes!

As for garden pests a dog is a good deterrent for rabbits and squirrels (at least mine are). There are always plant combos that will help like Marigolds help with rabbits. I would suggest looking up (online or in a library) for the specific pest. Birds don't like shiny things so a lot of people hang pie pans in their gardens. Personally, I don't since hummingbirds like to visit my pea flowers and take showers in the hose when I water the garden!!!

Also, it will depend on how big your garden is as to how much you are likely to lose to pests. Good luck.

Oologah, OK

Great! Thanks so much! I dont have the dimensions yet, but I am thinkg 12 x 12, or close. just enough to plant a few rows, its just my husband and myself, and whatever I can freeze, or give away at work. I just got so fed up with the prices of fresh foods, that have no flavor to them, I am going to try it myself! I had a few cherry tomatoes plants a few years back, and they were sooo good. our dogs are behind thier own chain link area, but maybe thats why I havent seen too many rabbitts, cuz they bark at everything! I will read and get the pots and cages for the tomatoes,peppers. even if its just enough for the 2 of us to eat, thats fine with me! saves me a bundle and alot more fun! I should be ready to sow then after last frost. thanks for the link! going to read up on it now!

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7b)

For your potatoes try my method, see this article: I'm sure you are gonna love the taste. It sure makes a difference!

Tulsa, OK(Zone 6b)

Chickenrancher is corect on everything. You might try the extension service either online or in person. They have great articles on oklahoma specifics.
Dave. Tulsa OK

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