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Blue Wisteria - Is it a deer resistant vine?

Coarsegold, CA(Zone 8b)

Hello Everyone…

I just purchased my first bare-root vine a Blue Wisteria. I live in a heavily populated deer area and was wondering if anyone new if Wisteria is deer resistant? Thanks…

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I have no personal experience, but I did google to see if wisteria was deer resistant and a number of sites do list it as such. However, keep in mind that nothing is deer-proof...some deer seem to like to thumb their nose at the deer-resistant lists, and if they're hungry enough there's not much they won't eat.

Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

We planted a small wisteria last spring. The deer did not bother it at all. They also did not touch the honeysuckle vines in the same area. They left the crepe myrtles alone, but the Rose of Sharon bushes right next to the crepe myrtles -- oh, my, chomp, chomp.

I think maybe deer are weird eaters. Had two small rose bushes side by side, exactly alike. The deer ate one down to the nubbins and left the other totally alone. The bushes were two feet apart - go figure.

Will it be inside a fence? I've read that deer won't go over a fence unless they are sure of the footing on the other side. We did not have any of them try to get over our three-foot fence around the houses, just ate the plants there were outside the fence.


Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I've been amazed watching how easily deer scale a 6-ft. chainlink fence! Maybe if there is enough food outside the fence, they won't go over. A fence might be a deterrent, but I wouldn't count on it being 100% effective.

Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

Availability of food would certainly be a factor, no doubt. There is plenty of deer food all around here. The deer are definitely not desperate.


Coarsegold, CA(Zone 8b)

Hey thanks for all the advice! I had looked it up on a Google and found conflicting information. I guess is really just depends on if our deer happen to like wisteria! I am going to try planting it outside my fenced area and see what happens… I will keep you all posted.

The deer around here get pretty desperate in the late summer… last year they ate my rockroses and I had never had that happen before. I don’t mind sharing a little, but it is horrible to have them munch something special down to nothing in one evening.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I have a Wisteria plant and the deer so far have ignored it, about 15 years old, it has never flowered for me, so I'd be happy if they did nibble off the ends of the branches to see if that helped. as far as I am aware, it is poisonous to the deer, they do eat most things as everyone has said, but they ain't stupid when it comes to what is not good for them, word of warning, depending on what type of Wisteria you have, some can really grow way out of hand and need vigorous pruning, once late summer to remove half the long wispy twinning shoots and again (same shutes) in early spring, cut back to a good bud, this helps the plant make flowers instead of lots of greenery, but when in flower, they are a wonderful sight, you need a good strong framework as they are heavy plants once they really put on growth as they mature, maturing takes a good few years as does flowering. Good luck. WeeNel.

Oakhurst, CA(Zone 8b)

I live in Oakhurst, Howdy Neighbor! I planted a blue wisteria about 2 months ago. It is growing very well. The deer ate my marigolds but left the wisteria alone. But I do keep DeerOut sprayed on it and I wrapped a piece of bird netting around the tender portions. So far so good and the deer are hungry this year. They even hopped my dog fence and ate my roses.
Best of luck!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hate to inform you guy's, but deer know their territory like they invented fences and plants, they know every year where to get soft new growth, where there are dogs and where the people are about all day or freedom to roam, my own garden is atop a cliff and for safety of my Grandson who is Autistic, we built a fence, believe me, those deer can take a run and jump right over this fence when disturbed and land on an unsafe cliff with a flat area only a feet wide in areas, so there is no use trying to use human thinking about safe footwork where deer are concerned as they come out at night, pitch dark and munch their way through all the gardens we love. My 15 year old Wisteria has never flowered, so this year I have left it unpruned and it has flopped all over the place, the deer are ignoring it, The seed pods are toxic to deer and humans so maybe they are smarter than we think. What the heck am I talking about, they are really smart, ha, ha, ha. good luck with your new Wisteria, it is beautiful when in flower, WeeNel.

Ancram, NY

My mother has the worst deer ridden property in the north-east! Her wisteria, however has flourished, untouched by the deer. Be cautious where you plant it, however because at her last residence it was planted near the house and the roots crept into the foundation, through the basement and came out the other side of the foundation of the house!

Thumbnail by britbrighton
Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Can you post a picture or two of your garden on a cliff, WeeNel? Sounds beautiful.

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