Tiger Jaws, plant ID?, Aloe zazabar or Faucaria tigrina?

Lima, OH

I purchased this plant a couple of weeks ago. Has a tag that says "Tiger Jaw Aloe, Aloe zanzabar". In searching the plant files and googling it, I get nothing. BUT palmbob has a pict that looks a lot like it but labeled Faucaria tigrina. Any idea what this animal is?

Thumbnail by tervherd
Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

probably an Aloe juvenna hybrid, or possibly Aloe squarrosa

Lima, OH

If it's a hybrid, could it be possible that it's the "Aloe zanzabar" with zanzabar being a cultivar and not a species?


San Jose, CA

I bought an aloe last year that looks like yours, except that it was just one little "tower." It was labeled "aloe zanzibarica." In October it had one elegant bloom. Now several new shoots are growing.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Aloe zanzibarica is a synonym for Aloe juvenna... my guess is Aloe zanzabar is a bad mispelling of Aloe zanzibarica

Valley Village, CA

I have three different forms of that plant and they are hard to tell them apart.
Each has a different size of leaf. All have orange flowers. It is a small growing Aloe. Norma

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