Lead glazed pots!?

Belle Plaine, KS

I have several nice pots, all made in China. Nothing will grow in any of them. I think they may have leaded glaze. Can I paint the interiors with something to keep my plants from dying? I dont know if leaded glaze will kill plants, but those are the ones that die.
Any ideas?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't think leaded glaze has any impact on plants, I suspect it's something else. Most of the time when you have a situation where nasty chemicals can leach into the soil, the big concern is that you don't want to eat things that were grown in that soil, there's generally not any impact on the plant itself. I suspect something else is going on--are the pots too big for the plants? Are there sufficient drainage holes? Are they really dark colored and heat up in the sun, effectively cooking your roots? Could there have been any contamination with fungal spores, etc. And of course the usual suspects over/under watering.

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