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Any one have chicks for sale in NH?

Francestown, NH

Hi All,
My first time here! I am a beginning chicken farmer! I'm looking for chicks for the spring...brown eggs layers like RIReds and any other suggestions? I also love what I've read about Orpingtons, laid back and good layers? Anybody know anything about the Speckled Sussex?

Antrim, NH

Wow! Hi there Homersmom! We're neighbors! ( Seriously, to anyone reading this, our towns are really close to each other)

I love my orpington and my mom is crazy about her speckled sussex hen. I didn't personally care for mine too much, personality wise, but I have a speckled sussex roo named Inspector Flecks and he is really wonderful and sweet.

My experience with RIRs is that they are standoffish, although other people have had more luck. My experience with silver laced wyandottes is that they are very very mouthy and loud and also standoffish.

I would go for the buff orpington and barred rocks. I'm a big barred rock fan!I love mine!

You could order your chicks at a local feedstore, but avoid the Peterborough Agway, as they have really screwed up orders for myself and several other chicken folks I know. Plus they were just plain old mean about it, which made me sad! The Henniker feed store, the milford blue seal or agway or the one over in Hillsboro might help you out.

Plus, as I am sure you have read around here, you can order chicks through the mail. My personal favorite hatchery is meyer hatchery because they have great customer service, healthy chicks and let you order less than 25 chicks, but if you poke around here, you can see lots of choices in hatcheries.

good luck and welcome to the gang!

Francestown, NH

Wow, Hi Neighbor! Thanks for the Welcome! As I was doing my research it was mentioned to me that I should do just what you are suggesting, look up the Blue Seal/Agway stores. Of course the first one that popped up was the Peterborough Agway, and I didn't know which one was a good store to order chicks from. Now you saved the day! Thanks for the advice!
I've read such good things about the Orpingtons, laying and personality-wise and really excited about getting a few. I really like the looks of the Speckled Sussex, but are they good layers?
I've searched some hatcheries that ship, but am not sure about that. I haven't looked at the Meyer Hatchery, but thanks for all the advice, this helps!
Nice to meet you, Neighbor!

Greenfield, NH

Does anyone have an buff orpington chicks? My husband and I are just starting out with chickens and have been trying to get some from Agway in Peterborough. We've ordered twice and the chicks have arrived dead. It would be so much better to get them here in New Hampshire but I wouldn't know where. Any ideas?

Bridgewater, ME

I raised orpingtons,stared with the buff color then went into the blue.I found they were not everyday layers,everyother day and the eggs were not as big as from the sexlinks that I had had before them.The roosters I had were mean and I hand rasied some off them.I ended up selling the whole flock and I had some nice ones from breeders.I now only have bantams,silkies,showgirls,and bantam cochins,love them and no mean roosters

Greenfield, NH

Hey green04735,

Thanks for the input but every other day for eggs would be fine for the two of us. What we really want them for is to eat bugs. Our son has Orpingtons and they are very docile. They croon when petted and even jump in your lap. The roosters might be different, He doesn't have one of those.


Richmond, TX

I agree that Orpingtons are unusually calm and easy to handle. I have found Delawares also to be good pet quality hens that lay about 5 eggs a week. My best bug eaters are the Buckeyes.

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