Will these bromeliads grow here?

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I planted these bromeliads between crotons around the base of a coconut palm. The root ball is pretty solid. Will the bromeliads make it here? They get morning sun. They came from total shade under a huge ficus tree. Any help you can offer is appreciated! Thanks.

Thumbnail by terichris
Winter Park, FL

Hi Terichris ..........

Your aechmeas should do well in this location if they aren't getting too much sun; this is a good time to plant them out - before we get the hot, hot summer sun. If you see any burn spots appearing on the leaves - you will have to move them, or hope that the new growth will adjust to the light. Nestled among the palm roots is an ideal situation - since they won't be overwatered or stand in a wet area. Be sure to keep the cups full of fresh water.

Keep your eyes on the sun as the season advances to see just how much exposure the area gets, since the light will change drastically as we change seasons. This variety will tolerate very high light levels (appears to be aechmea Chantinii) so you should have good luck if the plants adjust to the exposure.


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