Winston, GA

Could someone here in this forum tell me if this is a rooster spur plant. I know nothing about growing anything. However all of a sudden people have been giving me plants not knowing, that I know nothing about them. I have posted pics here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way I love Daves Garden I have found some very helpful info here. Through my learning experience with plants of any kind, I will take all the advice I can get.

Thumbnail by mysteriousgreenthumb
Turlock, CA(Zone 9a)

It's a nice looking plant, never heard of a 'rooster spur' pepper though. Hope someone can ID it for you and welcome to the wonderful world of plants! I'm sure that the folks that have been giving you plants can tell that at least you're interested and that is the first start of having a 'real' green thumb!

North Hills, CA

Here is what I found:

Item #10039
Quantity Available: 98

ROOSTER SPUR PEPPER is a Mississippi heirloom grown by the Ainsworth Family for over 100 years and which they used to make their traditional Rooster Pepper Sausage. Plants are 24" high and loaded with brilliantly colored 1-1/2" fruits that are slightly curved. Good container grower. 95 days from transplant. 10 seeds. Heat Scale: Sweet...0-1-2-3-4-5...Hot. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Seed Savers Exchanged started carrying them this year.

Winston, GA

Thanks folks for all your help. I love this website it is great

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

The peppers look like Rooster Spur peppers. I'm growing them this year, but my plants are too small to compare at this point. The fruits look correct though.

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