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Indianapolis, IN

Does anyone know any information about growing a bonsai on top of a slab of rock? I would like to try to do this but am at a loss on how one can do this with success. I would post a picture so you know what I was talking about but I think that that was what got my last post deleted.

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi Herby_Canopy; try again, hopefully the pics. will come trough. I got a good book on Bonsai, I found it is very helpful on certain techniques. It depends on the type of plant that we can train them to adopt such condition, if their natural culture is drought tolerance ect.

Indianapolis, IN

I will try posting the link to the photo again..I hope that it does not get the topic deleted again.

Two pictures of what I would like to try to do but I would like information on how to do it with success.

(NOTE: I am not telling people to uses or buy anything from this site, but just as pure reference so that people know what it is they I am talking about, since "a picture is worth a thousand words".)

Cordele, GA

Check out the Knowledge of Bonsai site. There are instructions for attaching wire to the slab and building a retaining wall of sorts to keep the bonsai soil in place around the tree roots.


Indianapolis, IN

Do you mean in the forums? Because I read all the information they have on their main site and could not find anything about working with slabs.

Now that I know that under all that moss is a retaining wall that is holding everything in place almost takes the "magic" out of I wondered how the roots where not pushing the dirt around as they grew, and to me that it one of the reasons this "style" is so alurring. The other being that it is almost as if a part of a small world has be ripped up and set on top of a table for all to enjoy.

Cordele, GA

It is not magic, it is art! Look in the articles. The one titled 'short notes on creating a forest' is the one that contains the information. If I ever do plant a forest, it will be in a shallow tray for reasons of ease of transport and stability of the support.


Indianapolis, IN

Articles? There are no articles listed on that site...are you sure that you are using the right term? On this site there are not any articles that I can find and here is the information on the other site...

-Main Page

-Introduction to Bonsai

-History of Bonsai

-Formal Upright
-Informal Upright
-Slanting Style

+More Advanced Techniques
-How to perform the root-over-rock style
-How to trunk chop a potensai for formal upright style
-How to create a tapering trunk and proper nebari on ficus
-Guidelines on seed germination
-Applying drainage mesh in bonsai pots
-Creating a Broom-Style Elm from Mature Stock
-Basic Black Pine Ramification
-Starting Japanese Black Pine Seedlings
-Winter: Seasonal Care Information
-Spring: Seasonal Care Information
-Summer: Seasonal Care Information
-Autumn/Fall: Seasonal Care Information
-Creating a Natural Deadwood Effect
-Preserving Deadwood on Bonsai and Solving Wood-Rot Problems

+Gallery of Bonsai
-Gallery of 'mini-bonsai' (mame)
+A gallery of bonsai from the U.S. National Arboretum
-Selection of Pine Plantings
-Chinese Landscape Bonsai (Penjing)
-Satsuki Azalea
-Creeping Juniper
-Queensland Small Leafed Fig
-Kurume Azalea
-Banyan Fig
-What makes a bonsai look good? How to critique a bonsai.

+Additional Features in Bonsai
-How to use moss in Bonsai
-Alternative Ground Covers
-Use of Rocks in Bonsai
-What containers to choose (pots)
-Bonsai accent plants
-Bonsai soils, and how to mix your own

+Bonsai Maintenance
-Where should I position my outdoor bonsai?
-Can I display my outdoor bonsai inside the house? How?
-How often should I water my bonsai?
-What and when do I feed my bonsai?
-What are the best types of plants to use for bonsai?
-When, how and why should I repot my bonsai?
-What sort of soil should I use for bonsai?
-What part does pruning play in bonsai? When should I prune, and to what extent?
-What techniques can I use to wire my bonsai? Is it really necessary?
-What books do you recommend for beginners?
-Information on bonsai display benches
-Information on bonsai underplantings and accent plants

+Plant profiles
-Cedar Elm
-Chinese Elm
-Dwarf Pomegranate
-English Box (Buxus)
-Flowering Quince
-Fukien Tea (Carmona)
-Jade Tree
-Japanese Black Pine
-Japanese Maple
-Satsuki Azalea
-Star Magnolia
-Trident Maple

-Recommended Bonsai Books

-Find bonsai seeds here

-Bonsai Forum

-Frequently asked questions
-What's happening to my Juniper bonsai? It's turning brown.
-Growing Live Oaks from seed or seedling?
-Rosemary as a bonsai.
-Trunk chopping an Amur Maple.
-Alternatives to moss.
-Keeping a bonsai fuschia.
-Beginner at Bonsai.
-Orange Tree Bonsai.
-Growing Japanese Maples from seed.
-'I think I have a diseased bonsai' - Spider Mites.
-Starting bonsai.
-Is it too cold where I am to grow bonsai?
-Ficus dropping new leaves
-Maintenance of Juniper
-Wintering bonsai
-What do I do when waiting for my black pine seeds to grow?
-Help with my Myrtle
-Bonsai Mail order services?
-Scale on Fukien Tea Tree
-Information on Zelkova
-Dying Mesquite Tree
-My 'Confused' Zelkova
-Propagating Japanese Maples
-Pruning Indoor Bonsai

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As you can see there is not any information there that talks about "slab potting". So once again I must ask where does not find information about growing bonsai on rock slabs?

Cordele, GA

Not the Bonsai site, the "Knowledge of Bonsai" website - two different websites entirely.


Indianapolis, IN

Great! That explains alot...the person that first talked About "knowledge of bonsai" did not say that it was a website. I thought that they where just talking about knowledge about bonsai in

Thanks turtle I will look at this site.

Cordele, GA

I am so used to hitting that site that I guess that I think everyone knows about it. It is a very active site and new material is posted frequently. They have the best root pruning info I have seen.


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