Has anyone sucessfully grown gourds in containers?

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

If so how big of a container and how many plants? Thanks! Jennifer

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Last year I grew my short handle dipper and the loofa gourds in the 5-gallon size black pots. They did great, until I forgot to water them! But, they still produced gourds!

Lumberton, TX(Zone 8b)

I used a 24-inch terra cotta pot, three plants.

Clinton, IL(Zone 6a)

Here's what happened when I tried this: I planted two seeds each (canteens) in four 9" terra cotta pots. A seed each came up in only TWO; of those two, only ONE grew to become a plant with a few sets of leaves (and never reached that 'maturing' heart-shaped appearance) and then it, too, died. HOWEVER, a "handful" of mixed gourd seeds that I had "thrown away" (because I couldn't remember what they were) into a huge 16" wide "urn" planter with some marigolds and chamomile not only came up fine, but I had to THIN them quickly, and within a month and a half they had "caught up" with others I'd planted in the ground a full month to five weeks prior! I'm sure they would have been fine, but when flowers started to appear, and I had started hand-pollinating them (apple gourds, and a speckled swan!), I got nerevous and took them out back and planted them in the ground by a fence.

I'm SURE they would have been fine, had I left the odd four or five plants in the container, though, and plan to try it again, this time INTENTIONALLY, this Spring!

I don't know WHY the ones planted in the SMALLER pot (and given plenty of "room") failed, or WHY the ones thrown as a HANDFUL into a HUGE pot flourished, I'll just go with my instincts, and last year's results!

What are you wanting to plant in containers, jlp? I'm guessing that "small gourd" (and some mediums) will be fine, but the larger, longer ones (bushel, kettle, lh dipper, penguin, etc.) will not do well in a setting without plenty of strong, VERTICAL room to grow...


Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

I would like to plant some Egg Gourds and Small Ornamental Gourds in containers. I really just don't have the room for anything else.

I have a story simiar to yours. I planted alot of seeds starting around February 1st. The ones that sprouted in a reasonable amount of time stayed under the lamps, but the others (peat pellet and all) were thrown into a 12-16" container at the end of my potting table. I looked the other day to see if it was full, and the seeds from the discarded pellets are going crazy! The hyacinth beans are growing much stronger and thicker than the ones I had babied and potted up. There are some sweet peas that will probably bloom soon, and lot of others that are just trucking right along!

Has anyone else done this?

Stewart, TN

This year I tried growing gourds from seed in the "Earth Box" containers on an arbor. They sprouted, climbed, and flowered well, and set on a few gourdsd, but the gourds have not matured. In this particular situation I think there is too much shade from nearby trees, but the problem could also be that the containers tend to get too hot here in this part of middle Tennessee. I think next year I will put the gourds on lattice where there is more sun, and try a cypress vine in the arbor.

Crossville, TN

I planted some Swan Gourds in a big cconcrete sewer type pipe...I call it my "raised bed"....I have had about 6 little gourds form...but only one that is maturing. and it is in full sun.

Where is Stewart, TN...I'm coming to Crossville in September to visit my son...are you near there? Jo

Stewart, TN

Both Crossville and Stewart are in Middle Tenn., but they're about 150 miles apart. First trip? Fall seems to be starting a little early here and you may see some color. Zone 6-7 here, pretty good gardening. Fine trees (magnolias, oaks), crape myrtle, sedums. The blue-purple ironweed is blooming along the country roads now, and huge this year.

Where is Hereford? I was born in Tucson.

Crossville, TN

Small world! Hereford is just outside Sierra Vista...the best place to live in AZ....JMHO...LOL

I was born in WV...lived a lot in VA...then FL...I have been to Crossville many times..and planned my trip to coincide with the fall colors...and the KY RU...come and join us...


I will be visiting Elena, Grannylois (Dave's Mother), and Darius this trip...and any other DG'ers that get in my way!! LOL Jo

PS...I may end up living about 30 miles from Crossville....South of Cookeville...my DD that lives here bought land there and hopes to move in about 3 years...but I will still have another DD living here....so I may just visit until I can't travel any more!

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