Please join me in welcoming Sydney480!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I see Sydney signed up Feb. 24 this year but hasn't started a thread here, so I thought I'd start one -- WELCOME!

Sydney has started a couple of threads over in the Canadian regional forum, so I'm guessing s/he isn't from Sydney, Australia! Interests seem to include "landscaping" a big deck with a container garden and fragrant flowers.

Sydney! Come on over and introduce yourself!


Critter (aka Jill)

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

Welcome, welcome to Dave's !!

Where are you located if you don't mind revealing? Let us know any way we can help or come up with ideas for you. And I'm sure we'll all learn from you too :)

This truly is a grand place with many friends from all over this big blue ball we all share !


Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Heh, Hello and Good Morning

Well now Im feeling special all of a sudden and thanks so much for the welcome. Dea, Im located just outside of Vancouver, BC, home of the 2010 Olympics if that gives you a better idea? Actually Whistler is the main destination, but many of the facilities are located here as well. World class skiing is available here, if anyone is interested. Vancouver is also just beautiful, mountains, ocean, sunny blueskiies, would love it! Its about 2hrs north of Seattle, depending on how you drive...grin....

Critterologist, are you a critter I have a black lab that has a mind of his own sometimes, but is still my best friend and love him to death. I was thrilled to find this site, and have been able to navigate a little. Your right about the container gardening and just havent had the time to spend over the last couple of years..seems Im always on duty. I hope everyone there is staying warm..Im heading out for a run and then some coffee perhaps..its really nice here today and must take advantage of my time. I have no pictures to post, but hopefully in the next few months...thanks and look forward to chatting again.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

OH, Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous! I was up there one year for an academic meeting at the end of December, and it was just stunning... the hotel definitely took advantage of the views, too, which was nice I didn't have a lot of spare time to explore. I'm a biologist, or was, now I'm the neighborhood person who answers questions about toads and snakes and baby birds... LOL!

(Zone 6a)

Hi Sydney!
Welcome again to DG :)


Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Jill, aka critter, were you here recently? The ferry ride over to Vancouver Island is spectacular as well. If you like fishing, sailing, golfing then get on over. There are also beautiful gardens here to visit etc.
Steven..hello again to you....i havent had a chance to look at your seed exchange yet and will get on it

Hope you are all stayin warm..I used to live in that zone as well, and kinda miss those chilly winters and have my doggie now to keep me warm, that is if he doesnt hoggg the whole

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gosh, no, that was almost in another life, LOL... maybe 13 or 14 years ago? I did spend a wonderful summer at Friday Harbor Labs (on an island in the Puget Sound), not so far from you. We've got a family wedding in Seattle this summer, so we might have a chance to get up that way... not sure yet if we'll head north or south, but I definitely want to spend a few days driving along the coast!

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

hello and welcome from upstate new york.

Missouri City, TX

Welcome aboard from Texas.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Heh Jill aka critter...thanks for the info and if you ever decide to travel north, let me know okay.

Herbie and Bubba..thanks so much for your welcome as well.

I would normally post something much longer, but feeling very ill today...flu stuff i guess..being a nurse and around anything and everything...Im exposed to it to bed I go. My planting will have to wait........:(

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Hope you feel better soon! You know the drill -- rest and lots of fluids. :-)

There's been a lot of "crud" going around this year. We need to all get well so we can go out and play in the garden!

Missouri City, TX

Pump up with plenty of Vitamins C & B12.

Stewartsville, NJ(Zone 6a)

Welcome Sydney480. Thanks for your reply on my welcome mat thread. At first I thought you may have been from Sydney, Austrailia, which I go to several times a year, and much more beginning in October. But Vancouver, I know too, used to go there in a past life/job many times a year. Lots of moisture to grow many things. Welcome to Dave's Garden.

Blueskyes in NJ

Bad Axe, Mich., FL(Zone 5a)

Welcome Sydney480 from Michigan's Upper Thumb. I hope you get over the flue very fast so you can play in the dirt.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Heh everyone..Im finally back on board here! Thankyou for all of you well wishes as well.

I suffered alot and lost alot of weight, but ready to garden now. I kinda puttered around the house while I was sick and planted lots of stuff in seed trays. I have a bunch of scarlett runner beans, that just keep popping up everyday in the seed tray. They have already hit the top of this seed planter..any ideas as to what to do with them?? I live in zone 8b and its very mild here, espceially lately.I also have bees here now...what can I do to keep them here? I only have a few plants on my deck from last year, and they are buzzing everywhere now..any ideas??


Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Thanks Ken and Bad Axe......please write again okay. Im very sleepy now and would love to hear back from everyone. Im still nursing myself...and being a nurse...its hard for me to stay home....i keep going and going....just like that silly bunny of tv....the one that has all of the energy..

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Oh golly, that flu sure did knock you down! *HUGS* Glad you're on the mend... you know you'd tell your patients to take it slow and let your body heal... so take your own advice! :-) I'm finally coming around after a virus that's affected me since Christmas, and it just takes a long time to build up stamina again after anything that lasts more than a few days.

I wonder if you couldn't just harden off those little scarlet runner beans and get them outside since it's already warm there...

Bad Axe, Mich., FL(Zone 5a)

Sydney, I would be potting your seedlings up into small pots and taking them out onto the porch for a short time daily to harden them off. Do you have a garden or are you gardening on your porch?

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Dorothian, I live in a condo and have a large deck that needs transforming this year and have lotsa great ideas, mostly from this site and all the great people Ive been meeting. I came across this website and it looks very interesting but not sure I could use it as it appears that you need a raised bed. Has anyone tried this or know anything about it?
Jill hope your feeling better and Im going to get those beans outside today. Ive been back to work the last few days and just never have the time. Their now pushing to top right off the seed tray so guess I better get on

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Vertical gardening is great for containers, but I don't think you need pricey PVC structures from that site to do it... there are all sorts of options for trellises and vertical supports. People even grow watermelons (maybe not giant ones) on trellises, supporting them with "slings" made from pantyhose and other things.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Just to let you know, I finally did plant about 10 pots of the beans and put them outside this morning as it was just glorious here today, lotsa sunny blue skies. Speaking of blue skies, Heh to you Ken and hope your not working to hard. I had to go to work for 1500-2300 and just got home and they are fine actually. I had them on my patio table with the umbella up and they grew even more today. I havent even brought them in as its not that cold out, I wasnt even wearing a jacket when I came home.

Jill funny that you said that about using pantyhose for slings, as I did post this on Canadian Gardening and a few people were wondering about how to support these larger fruits or veggies, and after thinking about it, I had posted that as well. I guess some of the people are going to try to make it a DIY project and its probably not that hard to do, if you have the time and right tools etc.

I was thinking that I would just buy large containers and trellis them with bamboo like a tee pee. Ive seen pictures of this and hoping it will be okay, but not sure if it will hold larger fruits or veggies..Ive got tons of seeds for vines here, so just going to use trial and error I guess. Hope you have a great day

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Bamboo teepees would be great for climbing beans, probably also cucumbers... you might want something a little more heavy duty for tomatoes, etc... I think folks who use those Earth Boxes have designed some cool PVC "cages" to support tomato vines. I could swear there was an old thread on trellis supports where somebody had used a worn-out item of lingerie to support (appropriately enough) a couple of melons... but I couldn't find that thread.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Jill that was hilarious, and gonna try to find that thread and hopefully be able to plant some I did a seed exchange with someone and have soo many seeds Ive never planted before and dont have a clue what they really are going to be like, so Im off duty tomorrow and going to have to spend some time planning my planting. I still need lots of things and will be hitting some of the local nurseries etc. by the way what is a earth box, never heard of it? I guess Ill just look it up to you soon

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Look for posts by Tplant and others in the container gardening and tomato forum... Earth Boxes are self-watering planters with a design that some folks just swear by. There are DIY designs, also. Reservoir containers are probably a good idea for your balcony... the other thing that'll really help you with watering, especially if you get a lot of sun out there, is using polymer moisture crystals. is the best/cheapest source, and I think there might be a co-op going on now too. :-)

Thomson, GA

A friend e-mailed me a link to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC Sydney480. Absolutely breath taking. Have you been there?

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi shydove
Yes Ive been there several times and planning a trip in the next couple of months actually. I love the ferry ride over to the island, its sooo beautiful and get to see whales sometimes. I just have to plan my schedule at work as Im working almost everyday and lotsa double shifts. We have a crisis for nursing staff and I always feel bad when I say No. I just finished working a stretch of 7 in a row and going to take a couple of days off as Im just sooo tired and just got off duty actually. I love coming home and reading mail from this site and planning my garden for the summer. Ive already started many seeds and tomorrow will be going shopping for more stuff from some of the local nurseries, and also planting up some of the seedlings that have outgrown the seed tray. I think I told you that I lived in Georgia before and its so beautiful there, alot like BC actually, especially northern Georgia. I cant think of where Thomson is, as I was in Atlanta. Are you planning anything special for your garden this year? If you ever make it out this way, let me know okay as I would be happy to show you around.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi Jill
About those Earth Boxes, I looked in up online and also read the reports of people that have bought them, and alot of them were very negative. Apparently the CSR are not very helpful and they dont really care to much for DG'ers as well. I guess someone was trying to get a co-op going and they were not very helpful. I also found a DIY project online, but I dont have time to do that kinda stuff, or the tools etc and think that I would be okay with watering stuff everyday. Im kinda a perfectionist in most things and like to monitor stuff everyday in the garden, and since I only have a controlled small environment now, I dont think I'll need that kinda stuff.
Hope you still feeling better and look forward to chatting again..gotta get my doggie outside for a walk..yikes..Im so tired but he needs to go out for at least 30 minutes run etc. Tommorow will be hiking, running stuff with him

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Look for the discussions on DG threads with input from people who have actually used them rather than relying on feedback based on the "no, we don't want to do a DG co-op" thing.

I'd still suggest adding moisture crystals... without them, I'd be watering my containers (full sun all day) 3 times a day... with them, I can even skip a day if it's not too hot out.

Have a great weekend! Give your pup an extra treat. I think you'll both need an ice cream cone after all that running!

Stewartsville, NJ(Zone 6a)

HI Sydney thanks for your emails.

HI Sydney

Thanks for your help and email. I have been running since we last chatted. I apologize if I didn't respond. I was on the site until a week ago Wednesday, when I had to re-pack and head to Florida (Miami). I had just gotten home to NJ on Monday the 17th (late) and had only Tuesday the 18th off. My trip had begun on March 8th. Kind of back wards as this is how I remember.

I had my annual flight training and PC (Progress check) in Miami at the training center from Thursday March 20th until Easter March 23rd, and returned back to NJ on Monday. I had to take my annual checkride on Easter Sunday.

Not much work at home yet. Thanks for your help. I have an Aunt May (91) who lives in Sanford, NC (SW of Raleigh). Her 61 YO son was supposed to show up Easter weekend, but called at the last minute and said his sinus infection kept him from coming, as he and his wife never showed up here for his mothers 90th birthday! I am now in Sanford, arriving here on Wednesday late in the evening. I had Tuesday off, that was it! My AUnt ended up in the hospital from anxiety due to her screwed up weekend, as she has seen her son in 7 years.The Son and DIL are just waiting to collect the house and possesions, obviously.

ANyway, I spent 3 days, including late morning and early afternoon with my AUnt. I am taking her out to lunch and then drive back to NJ, and OFF until April 4th. Then back on the road for 17 days. I fly for a large cargo airline and based in Stansted London. Most of my flights are from Amsterdam/Frankfurt or wherever they need a Captain. I fly a B747-400 for ATlas Air.

Well, have to pack up at thie Holiday Inn Express in Sanford and go see Aunt May and take her to lunch and head north. I plan on driving through Frederick MD to see what it looks like.


Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi Jill and thanks so much for the info that youve provided, really appreciate it. I never stop running, like I said Im one of those bunnies that never stop from TV..with all that energy. Me beans are growing like crazy and will need to put up little trellis for them soon. Its been quite nice here lately and Im really enjoying it...and did treat myself with some ice cream..even let my doggie have a little, as its not too good for them..I let him lick my cone and all of a sudden he was so nice to

Hi Ken, sounds like your run off your feet, much like me when Im jogging That was very nice of you to spend that time with your Aunty as theres not many people around like that anymore.Hopefully youve had time to relax before you fly away again. Hope everyone stays warm and safe..... happy gardening.

Does anyone have any pictures to post yet. Ive gotten one seed tray outside now, and working on the second one, and I think will actually plant a third one tonite as well. I love this site as its really inspired me back into gardening again. My grandmother used to live right on the ocean in NS and would always take me out in the fields to collect wild berries and then we would bake muffins, bread etc...very fond memories of that. She also had a huge garden and we would pick wild asparagus, name it, she knew about it. I remember one time I went out with my Dad in a rather small boat to fish..we caught tons of fish, dont ask me what kind, but it was so much fun. Then the wind and waves came on so suddenly...I was so happy to hit land again.

We went in for lunch and had a huge bucket of fish by the water well, came out and all the seagulls got everything, except for one or two I think...that was so funny though and I laughed and laughed..great memories of my dad as well...

Opps sorry to get off topic here, but it did start out with picking berries and gardening. Anyways I love to garden and and am also really enjoying this site.

Stewartsville, NJ(Zone 6a)

Hi Sydney,

Thanks for your emails. I had a golden retriever, butterscotch, for 10 years. I haven't had a dedicated friend since then., Now I cannot because i travel too much, not fair to them.

Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany., On my home on Sunday (April 20th) been on the road since April 3. Burned out. I need some time off! Sorry I have not replied sooner. I had a good visit with my Aunt May (91) and headed back to NJ in the car, spent a night in Frederick, MD where I saw a very old friend, Jim, but didnt hear from another Friend who lives in frererick, but heard from Critterologist, and we talked for a while. Looked at places, new developments, in Frererick, but way overpriced to be able to look in your neighbors window. Headed beack to NJ, 1 day OFF then on the road again, until tomorroww, April 20th, when I fly a plane from Frankfurt (FRA) to ORD, then ailine backl to my car parked at Newark Airport, NJ. Thenhome for a bit.


Bad Axe, Mich., FL(Zone 5a)

Hey Sydney, I have 2 Earthboxes and I love them. One is here in Michigan and the other one is in Florida. The Florida one I use for tomatoes in the winter. The Michigan one I also use for tomatoes. Both locations are very sandy and the water just doesn't stay in the ground very long. I purchased ther're self watering system for both Earthboxes, so I don't have to keep them filled with water myself. That's very important to me as I am gone from home a lot. I just love my Earthboxes and wouldn't grow tomatoes in anything else as I have had the best results with them. I keep them close to the house and the tomatoe worms haven't been able to fine them so far. Each box holds 2 tomato plants and I brought a bushel of fruit home to Michigan a couple weks ago. I had to give some away as I could not eat all of them before they spoiled. Anyway I recommend The Earthbox for growning plants on a deck or a patio.

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