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Tomato Crosses Planned?

Evansville, IN(Zone 6b)

Does anyone have any specific tomato crosses planned for 2008?

In 2006, I crossed Juane Flammee x Sungold, sent some F1 seeds to Australia, got some F2s back in 2007. I plan to grow the F1s and F2s in 2008 to take a look-see.

Also in 2006, I crossed Brandywine x Neves Azorean Red, grew the F1 in 2007, sent out F1s and F2s in Fall 2007. I'm hoping to grow a batch of F2s this year and hear back from other growers about their F1s and F2s. Hopefully there'll be some interesting leaf form variations and fruit color types in the F2s.

And then I have a huge batch of F2 seeds saved from Indian Stripe x Sungold that made a large, crimson cherry in the F1. I left a couple hundred of those seeds in Anguilla in February hoping a friend will get a jump start on those. There should be some variation in fruit size and skin tone in the F2s

In 2007, I crossed Cherokee Purple x Bradley hoping for a semi-determinate or determinate in the F2s and beyond. Also crossed Novikov's Giant (Gigant-10 Novikov) x Cherokee Purple Potato Leaf and hope to get some interesting F2s next year after growing out the F1 this summer.

I have several thoughts about some interesting tomato crosses for 2008, but I'm waiting to see what successful starts I plant before making any definite plans. How about you other tomato freaks ... got any plans for crossing in 2008?


Delphi, IN

I've never crossed tomatoes before and it appears that it may be difficult (to me anyway). But I want to cross Sunsugar x Sungold because I love them both and both are F1 hybrids. Then I'd like to start a line. And since I love them both, I can't see how, even if seed grown plants reverted to a parent type, that they could be bad.

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