Syzygium aromaticum

Indianapolis, IN

This tree, I learned from my research, has leafs that are 4" x 2", but I was wondering if anyone here knew if you where to make an Omono that was around 3 feet if it could produce smaller leafs? Also do you think that this tree at that size could bloom?

Cordele, GA

I have no experience with this plant save as a culinary spice, but if you have the plant available, why not? Others in this family make excellent bonsai. Have you a source for the plant or will you try it from seed?


Indianapolis, IN

This would be a very hard tree to find because the seeds come from the fruit and are only viable for 2 weeks. I can not even find a photo of what the fruit looks like so finding the seed will be very hard. My only chance is if I can find someone here in the forums that knows where a tree around them is and if I can pay them postage for a cutting or two...

I found this link tonight that list it as a tree that is good for Bonsai...I have is list

Cordele, GA

Have you tried Tradewinds fruit out of California? They handle a number of unusual seed.

It seems that you want unusual plants which I certainly understand. However, it also seems that you are choosing very difficult criteria and plants. Have you looked into the Australian flora? They are beginning to show up in bonsai, but are still uncommon, as are some of our southwestern specie.

I personally lust after some of the pinnate leaved Acacias and Calliandrias. Both are available but not common. Since I am still in the stage of learning to water correctly and trying to train my eye to see possibilities prior to pruning, I am limiting the amount I am willing to pay for a plant.

What attracts you to a bonsai? Fruit, flowers, unusual trunk shapes, bark patterns?

The spring flowering and autumn fruiting trees draw me. I am especially taken with mame and shohin plants. I am also interested in kusamono, which is gaining popularity in Europe as a separate class, but ,alas, not as much so in the USA.

Many of the plants that I would like to grow are alpines. I fear that they would resent the humidity of the deep south and die out of pure spite. Nonetheless, I still intend to try my luck with one of the prostrate artic willows.


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