I have a few Salix Scarlet Curls Cuttings

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

I have some cutting from a willow I bought this fall called "Scarlet Curls". The new growth and 1 year old growth is scarlet in color then fading to yellow tan then more to tan on the trunk. The tree is contorted in it's growth habit. I took 20 cutting from it 10 days ago and all are rooted. I can still get some more.
I am looking for contorted trees/shrubs or almost any tree or shrub hardy to zone 4/5.
I put the listing here because I would rather a fellow tree nut get the cuttings to add to their collection.


Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

Salix is so easy from cuttings , eh Sari ?? GREAT STUFF !!!

Paso Robles, CA


I would be interested in your salix and have snowberry bush seeds to trade (zones 3-10) THANKS!

Schenevus, NY

i would be interested in your contorted salix. I have a Harry Lauder walking Stick I bought 2 yrs ago. I am going out to take some cuttings right now in case you want to trade.
Its been thru 2 winter here. zone 4
Just e mail if you are interested.

Leesburg, GA(Zone 8A)

Sari, I would definitely like to have one of your "Scarlet Curls" cuttings. I promise to love it daily! I'm not sure what I have that is hardy to Zone 5, but I'll do some research. Any specific items you are looking for?

Sidney, MT

If you are willing to send a cutting for postage, I would love one. I have nothing tree/bush on this place so am trying to rectify that! Well, not totally true, there are red raspberries if that would be of interest. Please let me know. Lyndee

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Hi Sari,
Do you have any cuttings left? Any willow left???

I have some tree seeds that I am going to be starting and some baby dogwoods (Cornus florida) if the rabbits didn't get them all. I also have a Cornus Kousa that we could try - very hardy and flowers late so it doesn't freeze out. We are zone 5 as well.

Let me know,

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

id be very interested in some.
we planted a willow last year-for the boys.
I have a baby one in the growroom, i recieved in a trade!
email me

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