Comments and Suggestion for Sticky thread.

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Karen (bluespiral) and I have been working on a sticky thread that we have recently created and posted on the MG forum. We invite you to please check out the new sticky and give us your input! We want to make it a valuable resource for this forum with your help.

If you have comments or suggestions, please post on THIS thread and not the actual sticky thread.


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Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Just thought to pop into the Morning Glory thread, and what do I see? A sticky!!! Yea! Congrats Becky and Karen B. for getting this put together. Have only cruised through it, but will spend more time going through it later. Well done ladies!!!

Joanne (who has yet to start an MG in 2008, having somewhat learned her lesson of Morning Glory Jungle-itis from last year...).

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Joanne - You can thank Karen (bluespiral)!

She did 95% of the work due to her post of Topics! A lot of work went into her post! I hope this new sticky is to everyone's satisfaction. If not, I hope folks will post here with their comments and ideas!

(Zone 7a)

Yes, and Becky did 96% of the work to get Karen to move in the first place - lol. Seriously, Becky and I have just begun putting together the FAQs and index - there's lots more to add, yet. We'll appreciate any suggestions.


(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)

Well Done Gals!!!

Mesilla Park, NM

Wow, that is great. VERY well done ... ditto here..thank you both.

Baton Rouge area, LA(Zone 8b)

...Wow,that is great. Very well done!

Now I see why it took so long. Ya`ll were making it all perfect and it is going to be a huge asset to the morning glory forum. Thanks so much!


Baton Rouge area, LA(Zone 8b)

More added will make it award winning for sure. I really like it a lot. :)

Cayuga, IN

Excellant, extreemly informative...You go girls! :0)

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

The Morning Glory sticky is one of the most informative and best organized stickies I've seen on DG!

Great work, bluespiral and becky!

Thanks so much everyone who contributed!

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

I want to thank Critterologist for coming up with the questions (and some answers) to start the FAQs post on the sticky. And Ron was kind enough to give me a some info I requested as well. I take NO credit whatsoever for how good the sticky turned out. And it will be improved over time! Karen and I wanted to get it up for Spring sowing so that newbies and any of us here on the forum can use it as a reference if needed.

(Zone 7a)

Yes, behind the scenes, Super Enabler Critter was a prime mover in getting up the sticky. We all owe her many thanks.

(Zone 7a)

From time to time, as I add to the sticky, I'll post them here so they won't be missed. Today's additions:


-- Germinating Chambers: The Big 3 - Heat, Humidity & Light (& don't forget air flow for fungus/molds) Following are some examples of what some forum members have constructed or used to create these conditions:

----- Heat & humidity room: (Post #4671334) (cross posted with DESIGN / Bamboo & MG)

----- Smaller, improvised Heat & humidity chamber:
-------- (Post #3167345)
-------- (Post #3167351)

-----Heat & humidity store-bought domes: (Thread floramanana/all/) - This is a very comprehensive thread about the materials, methods and tools (and their sources) that Gourd used to successfully start many rare and unusual MG species - some never before seen in cultivation. There is a lot to learn here. The thread follows individual species from first emergence a little ways into later development.

----- Transitioning from the heat & humidity chamber: (Post #4250951)

Germinating Medium

--- Coconut fiber wins over perlite, sand & seed potting mix: (Post #3181385)

--- Nicking - a great how-to on nicking, soaking & how deeply to nick: (Post #3296620) (Be sure to nick on the end opposite to the end with the eye)


--- Dr. Yoneda's Home Webpage:

(Zone 7a)

Following are today's additions:


Bamboo & MG - another good reason to garden in a pot, is because some areas have laws that allow a neighbor whose bamboo encroaches upon another neighbor's property to be sued - (Post #4671334)

Batchelor Buttons & MG: (Post #3774376)



--- Caterpillars: (thread #728235)

--- Fungus Gnats, Controlling:

----- 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) & diatomaceous earth: (The tip on nonchlorinated water is valuable for some plants in particular, but I have soaked pots and mesh-bottomed trays of cuttings & seedlings with tap water mixed w/H202 from the bottom successfully)

----- Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis: (cornell) (In tool bar, click on Edit, then Find and type "gnat" into search bar to go directly to this entry) (recipe for application: (Post #2950945) (Note: let the gallon of water with either 1 Tbsp of mosquito granules or crumbled mosquito donuts sit overnight for the granules to dissolve and the chlorine to dissapate. The entire thread is a very thorough discussion of fungus gnats and their various remedies)


This section is meant to supplement the DG knowledge base of garden terms - click on the Guides and Information tab at the top of any DG webpage, and then click on "Garden Terms" in the box to the right of the webpage that comes up next.

Another great reference for botanic terms and concepts is: This website goes into such greater detail that it is like taking a college-level course. So, make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea, and enjoy a cerebral treat. When reading these entries, I like to have this dictionary up on two windows simultaneously so that I can use the 2nd window as a reference to the first while I read. This dictionary does not have visually distracting ads, and downloads more quickly because of that. Nevermind if everything doesn't make sense at first - just read through the first time and pick up what you can, and then go back for what intrigues you the most.

auxin: a substance that regulates plant growth, including elongation of cells
--- See the following topics in this index and research them through -
----- PROPAGATION / Cuttings / growth auxins
----- SEED / Seedcoat / Miscellaneous / abscisic acid, biomagnetism



This thread about Ipomoea hederifolia var. aurantia - (Thread #790934) - explains how to identify and distinguish between:

--- Ipomoea hederifolia var. aurantia, I. coccinea, and I. sloteri, which is a hybrid resulting from I. coccinea x I. quamoclit (

--- Ipomoea aurantiaca and I. hederifolia (Aurantia) (Post #4273791)


--- See GERMINATION above


--- Cuttings in plain dirt (Ipomoea hederifolia var. aurantia): (Post #4275151)

--- Cuttings in water, ground runners: (Ipomoea indica): (Post #2417557)

--- Cuttings in water w/seed pods (Ipomoea alba): (Post #1698288)


--- Here is a guide not limited to MGs, but containing tips that could apply to rooting some rare mutation or special MG vine with which you want to take extra care: (Post #597232 - 1st post by Critterologist) A couple of refinements to Critterologist's method for rooting cuttings of MGs:

----- When making cuttings, put them in water immediately as you cut to avoid wilting before you can put them into their rooting medium (this may not apply to succulent and/or caudiciform types of MGs).

----- Make the cut as closely and cleanly as possible to the nearest leaf node; so that the bottom cut is just below the lowest leaf node and the top cut is just above the top leaf node. Rooting may occur without this precaution, but sometimes, when a stem is cut, growth auxins leave the parts of the stem below and above the nearest leaf node and congregate at those leaf nodes. Those parts of the stem from which the growth auxins have departed then may become playgrounds for pathogens, which can interfere with the rooting process.


--- Rooting cuttings in perlite to avoid fungus gnats: Post #4690908 (The larvae of fungus gnats are known to feed upon the roots of plants. See FOES / Insects / Fungus Gnats)


Under a maple tree:

Under a hickory tree:

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Karen - Great additions to the sticky! You are doing a remarkable job!!! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing! And THANK YOU again for putting it all together in an INDEX! YOU ROCK!!!

Louisville, KY

I am floored by the sticky! and amazed that I, the newbie new girl was able to contribute with my photo of the little germination chamber !!!! I clicked on it all excited to see who else made one and took a photo. it was me! yay I'm in the club.

just a great job girls & guys. Now these MGs are too ligit to quit! nothing to contribute as far as suggestions because it is so awesome but I sure wanna say Thanks!

(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Becky, and Soulja, you're very welcome - new energies and different solutions keep this forum alive. Soulja, if you or anyone reading this has any suggestions, criticism, etc. that you think will help Becky and I with this sticky, we'd love to hear it. In a while, I'm going to move my updates to their own thread so we can devote this thread to folks' feedback.

(Zone 7a)

In case anyone wants to know what's new in the sticky index, I added the following today. As always, I'd appreciate any suggestions, changes, improvements, etc.


-- Watersorb Crystals (thread #821036)

-- Lights

----- inexpensive alternative - gro lux wide spectrum (post #5168461)

----- HPS (High Pressure Sodium)

----- comparing HPS to MH wrt spectrum and plant parts (post #2891289)

----- MH (metal halide) electricity bill (post #4139629)

-- Smaller sized MGs for pot culture (although many larger MGs can be trained in a pot - see TRELLISING and/or PRUNING MG VINES)

----- Convolvulus mauritanicus (syn. sabatius)

----- Convolvulus tricolor (has open habit; curley parsley makes a pretty thickener)

----- Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' (there are other interesting Evolvulus species)

----- Ipomoea albivenia (caudiciform MGs can make good pot plants)

----- Ipomoea batatas 'Blackie'
----- Ipomoea batatas 'Marguerite'

----- Ipomoea nil 'Kawaii' and 'Sunsmile' series have a mounding habit, but are stiffer than I. nil 'Minibar Rose' and its kin)

----- Ipomoea nil 'Kikyou' (mine got to 6', which is larger than others on this list, but smaller than other nils I grew)

----- Ipomoea nil 'Minibar Rose': (The white-variegation in the small leaves comes from the "crystal gene", and other cultivars in this group are Beni Chidori, Cameo Elegance...)

-- Potting medium

----- - potting medium, dirt, compost, rotted horse manure & a scoop of moisture-control Miracle Grow
---------- Others agree, but especially to compost, not to horse manure, plus myccorhizal fungi (See FERTILIZATION / Micorrhizal fungi).

----- BeckyGardener gets great results with Moisture Control Miracle Grow and fish emulsion, Bloom Booster (Ron's comment on Bloom Booster, and Messenger

-- What size pot? (thread #736573)

-- Tips for saving space, steps, time, money when potting up MGs from germination and on (thread #700077)



Micorrhizal fungi can make existing nutrients more available -

-- (short how-to)
-- (in-depth explanation of relationships & application)
-- (fascinating trip around the world with these fungi; excellent links to more info)
-- (FAQs & more great links)



Deer - (thread #756468)

Rodents - (thread #754066)

-- Mites - biocontrol via keeping mite-chomping beneficials supplied with nectar: (Post #5128255)



MG species native to North America, with an emphasis on desert species & distinguishing between Ipomoea violacea & I. tricolor: (Thread #664869)


Morning glories are said to be the second-most researched plant on earth (the first is said to be corn), due to their unusual frequency of mutation (changes to the genetic material of an organism During the Edo period (1603 - 1867) of Japan, woodcuts recorded these mutant morning glories ( Although most MG mutants were destroyed during WWII some were regained from private collections after the war ( - google Kyushu + morning glory). This writer is not sure, but wonders if others might have since been rebred.

To see some of these mutant MGs come alive in the gardens of some members of this forum seems miraculous given the foregoing, and digital images plus an explanation of their unique propagation techniques can be found on Atenkley's Garden Diary Q0426 System Description and Methods ( Some of Atenkley's images from QO426 System are in this thread:


There is no more definitive record of what you have grown and/or observed than a digital image.

--- Xeramtheum's tutorials to aid in photographing MGs:

----- Part 1, Substance - The Rule of Thirds -
----- Part 1, Discussion - (thread #776320)

----- Part 2, Substance - Picture Size & Quality - Focusing - EV for more detail -
----- Part 2, Discussion - (thread #776734)

----- Part 3, Substance - Macro - Part I -
----- Part 3, Discussion - (thread #777441)

----- Part 4, Substance - Macro - Cropping -
----- Part 4, Discussion -



--- Cuttings in Coir (Shredded Coconut - from the Rose Forum, but very informative) - (thread #556678)

--- Cuttings in Foam Squares (from Rose Forum, but worth experimenting with) - (thread #850412)

--- Cuttings in Gel (experimental with no positive results, but good information with which to both build upon and to search - (thread #477145)

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

OMG, Karen! This is fantastic! I just love all the details! I think I'll be busy tomorrow changing my camera settings, and following X's instructions on taking pix!

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Karen - You think of everything! Thanks for doing such a remarkable job with the sticky! Love the new links! Good info!!! :-)

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Karen - you are amazing for all that you have done on this thread. You too Becky! Wow! It's fabulous...


(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

ALL credit due goes to Karen! :-) She's got it covered beautifully!

(Zone 7a)

Nope - all credit goes to all the great folks that created the posts I have indexed - I know one of them dedicated years of his life to researching morning glories and related science. I think I botched one of his links and will fix later on tonight. To Ron_Convolvulaceae and so many others - thank you.

Netcong, NJ(Zone 5b)

Hey Karen_Blu - You found some great links to expand on some of the 'connections' that I had been 'hinting' at...

Wonderful references...(!)...

Thanks for all of your (!) contributions in organizing ...



(Zone 7a)

You're welcome - all suggestions are welcome

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

The information about prohibited, restricted, and invasive Ipomoea plants was added to the top of the very first post of the sticky thread:

I hope this information will be helpful to everyone and put many at ease as to what the rules are governing specific plants. Before you plant it, request it, or trade it ... check the sticky thread links concerning this!

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

I have also added this thread to the first post in the sticky:

I am asked many of these questions over and over again. Hopefully having a thread such as this will give newbies to DG or folks new or unsure of the MG Forum expectations ... a clearer idea of how things are typically handled.

I wish someone had answered many of these questions for me when I first started DG and especially the MG Forum. Unfortunately, learned a lot by trial and error.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Here are the links that clarify that plants and seeds imported into the US from any other country must be through the US permit program or accompanied by a phyto-sanitary certificate issued by the government of the sending country pertains to all plants not otherwise addressed in the APHIS site reference materials
PPQ 587: Application for permit to import generally admissible plants or plant products, including the small lots of seeds program.

plants and plant products

Contact Permit Services:
Telephone (301) 734-0841 or (877) 770-5990
(Toll-Free Automated System); Fax (301) 734-4300
Email: [email protected]

I am requesting that these very important links be added to the legal reference section of the Sticky ASAP!

The need for these references was addressed previously in the links here:


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