SOLVED: plant identification

trivandrum, India

can u identify this?

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)


's-Gravenhage, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

A picture might help.....

(Zone 7a)

I'll give it a shot..."Plantus invisibulus"? We kid. Yes, a pic would help. ☺☺☺

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

That is soooo funny kwanjin! It also resembles "confundidum".

(Zone 7a)

Cultivar "Cantseeme".

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)


(Zone 7a)

I hope we don't scare them away. ☺

Thorne Bay, AK(Zone 6b)

It's native to the Hidden Valley,in Neverland.

(Zone 7a)


Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Well, this is a tough one because the looks of it mimic several other species and genera. Beware! This is a common problem with look-alike plants, and insects too. Have you ever grabbed a "fly" and found out it was a wasp (too late)?

Without a bloom to look at, we can't give a positive ID. It could be Ephemerum invisidable, or it could be Camoflagiopsis undetectibilius, among others.

Can we see a bloom, please?

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(Zone 7a)

It appears to be widespread. I find it all over my empty beds.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Right! And in my pile of used pots, there's at least one in every pot!

Norfolk, VA

wow, if it grows in India, Utah and Florida......I've got to have some.........

you can send it here....


(Zone 7a)

It's very adaptable. I'll send you all I have. I always make more.

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

I have some down here as well, but I haven't seen the flowers yet!

Norfolk, VA

thanks kwan, I look forward to growing it!

(Zone 7a)

I haven't seen them, either, but when I do, I'll let you know what color they are.

And you're welcome, bhaugh! You'll be sharing them in no time! ☺

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

well i have noseeums here too. lots of them and never seen color yet.

wonder if noseeum fertilizer will help? hehe

widespread plant.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

You know, it's about the only plant that is so easy to grow that anyone can grow it. In fact, almost everyone has some of it growing somewhere on their property; they just may not have noticed it and needed a thread like this to bring it to their attention!

Mesilla Park, NM

This is so funny..

It could be "canyouseemenow"

can you all send me some noseeums?

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Here's a close-up photo of one of mine.

(Zone 7a)

I understand it's unkillable, as well. The Rover on Mars saw the cultivar "Emptiba".

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

Great photo Resin! I can never get a good shot of mine for some reason.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Come to think of it, I saw some on a few of the Moon landscape photos. They are a little off in the distance, but clearly visible! I think people didn't take notice of them because they were distracted by the pair of flying saucers parked nearby.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Ya'll are too funny. lol

"canyouseemenow" -noseeums and flying saucers.. oh my

I look at all my empty pots and grin

Norfolk, VA

Resin, great shot......have you posted it in plant files?

Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

a tough one indeed, but definitely belonging to the family spirituceae!

(Zone 7a)

Hey, LariAnn? Clearly "visible" or clearly "invisible"?

(AnjL) Fremont, CA(Zone 9b)


I 'grew' 7 trays of these in my jiffy pots! and I never even planted them! someone must have switched my seeds out :o(

I have plenty to share if anyone wants one, I'll send the dried up jiffy pot and all! LOL!

You are all so funny, I think I seriously pulled a tummy muscle reading these posts!

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(Zone 7a)

This person really needs to come back and post a picture for us before you bust a gut!

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

I think she/he is a little intimidated at this point, poor thing!

(AnjL) Fremont, CA(Zone 9b)

serendipity plant?

Thorne Bay, AK(Zone 6b)

Don't be making fun of no see ums now.Those guys are serious.Maybe we should call this the APPARITIONS thread?

(AnjL) Fremont, CA(Zone 9b)

its a UBO..... Unidetified Biological Organism or a Useless Biological Organism?

Zolfo Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

If this thread does nothing else it will bring a smile to our faces when we look at all those empty pots. That must be the seeds i planted that didn't show up. NOSEEUMS!!! Huh

(AnjL) Fremont, CA(Zone 9b)

noseeums or noseedums?! lol, this thread even got my DH laughing!

(Zone 7a)

You're killin' me!!! LOL

South/Central, FL(Zone 9a)

I have one, it just sprouted. >>>> *

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I have some of these in my seed flats too!!!! I will be happy to share some with you and Lee at our roundup next week!


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