Distance for gro-lights from seedlings

Chesapeake, VA

Hello, Handypeople. I had a heated plant propagator that I got at a yardsale. Base, heating cables, cracked clear dome. My father has taken it in hand. He has built a new "dome" for it, and a stand. Now he wants to put artificial lights over it, but he doesn't know how much room to leave between the surface of the soil and the lights. He's building a light stand now, you see.

He wants to start seeds with it.

Any ideas on how high the lights should be above the soil? I told him about 2 feet probably (I pulled that distance out of the air.) Was I right?

Thank you in advance for responding


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd try to make the height of the lights adjustable if at all possible--the ideal distance is no more than 2-3 inches above the tops of the seedlings, but obviously as they grow you'll need some ability to move the lights so they don't run into them! Or put the lights higher and prop your flats up on something to keep them close to the lights, then move the flats down as the seedlings get taller.

Chesapeake, VA

Thank you, ecrane3. I'll tell my Dad.

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