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Do I start inside or outside?

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, I have a lot of seeds that I need to germinate. It is already planting time here so I'm putting out all the ones I can that grew under lights.

All the others I have, would it make them better to germinate inside or just sow the seeds. Won't it make them grow faster inside? Or at least come up

I'm scared to death to put stuff in the ground. There is a dog, (Might just kill him) that knows not to run across beds with plants, but not if he doesn't see them. Kids too

Thorne Bay, AK(Zone 6b)

And don't forget birds.I've lost a lot of sunflower,pea & other seeds due to hungry robins & blue jays.Either start them inside or protect them somehow until they sprout.

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

Ok, that tipped me over the edge to inside. I don't want to lose any of them. lol. Like I won't lose any inside.

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