Cheese making

Mechanicsburg, IL(Zone 5a)

Does anyone make cheese? We have been thinking about trying our hand at it and have what seems to be a good book about it. It does seem daunting though with having to raise the temperature 1 degree at a time. Seems like it would be hard to do. Would sure like to hear about you're experiences.


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

We use to make cheese when we had milk cows. It really isn't difficult and the one degree every so often isn't nearly as difficult or essential as some book would have you believe. Yes, it should be raised slowly, but if you get a 4* increase in 2 minutes, it hasn't ruined your cheese. I have a pamphlet that gave instructions that were so clear and easy to follow. We used rennet and dandelion coloring for ours. I ordered a press and then DH made one for us using the purchased one as a pattern.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Don't forget Farmer's cheese....a good place to start...with goats mile (and perhaps cow's) sometimes we'd simply let the milk sit in a gallon jar on the kitchen would naturally curdle and float...take the "cheese" and then drain (or compress it) it thru cheesecloth or other fine cloth to remove the liquid...we oftentimes would then add onion or garlic chives, or an herb of your choice, mix it together well, then put it in a mold which could be anything from a tupperware container to a real chees mold (rather inexpensive) may want to add a pinch of salt also. Start there, you'd be surprised what you can make. Leaflady (!), we also used rennet! It was used to make many different types of cheese (and were delicious!)...also some of our customers didn't want "real" rennet (from a meat source) so we found a "vegetarians rennet"...
Have fun're gonna love it!

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