Wall cover?

Hollidaysburg, PA

I have an ugly retaining wall built of railroad ties that's about 5' tall. I would very much like to cover this wall entirely or have something cascade down over it halfway. Does anyone know of any groundcover options that would cascade in that manner or would a vine such as the trumpet vine climb down a wall, instead of back into the flower bed at the top of the wall? I have a deck at the bottom of the wall and no place to plant anything there unless i use pots and im not fond of that idea due to having to water them and making the deck all dirty.
Thank you

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

2 questions for you:

1.) what zone are you in ?
2.) what direction does this area face ?

Hollidaysburg, PA

Hi JasperDale, zone 6, the wall faces southeast and get most day sun

Huntington, AR

maybe jasminium nudiflorum( winter jasmine)...cascades beautifully, I don't know if it's to your taste or not but you can look for it in PlantFiles and see if you like it...just a suggestion, good luck....

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

you can grow Clematis over the ground as they do in there natural habitat, it is us gardeners that like them growing up the way, there are some really nice smaller ones on the market now, some as low as a few feet, then there are some really nice ground cover roses, these can be pegged into the soil where you want them to grow, my dad used to grow some short climbing roses this way and they looked wonderful, you could sit both these plants at the back of your bed, then as they put on growth, peg the stems forward to where you want them to be, some climbing roses that I have, when all the flowering happens way up at the top of the rose, I prune them, then bend the stems down or vertical and the rose sends out more buds lower down, it seems like the sap falls lower down to where buds are required, other things that can be kept in check is some of the ivies, evergreen and or variegated, but dont go for the fast growing type or you will be swamped by this, there are countless flowering trailing plants too, so go for a look in your library with a notebook for the names as you will also see them in coloured pictures. good luck. WeeNel.

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