Too soon to put out roses?

Todd, NC

Hello everyone, I purchased four rose 'plants?' at costco and was wondering if it is ok to put them in the ground? I am in zone 6 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, right on the VA border, so we are between zones 5 and 6.
They are starting to fill out with leaves.

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I don't know when your last frost date is but I have put roses out that had begun to leaf out and as long as they didn't get more than a light frost, they have all done fine. If you put them in and find you are in for some late snow or heavy frost, you could cover them with a large bucket for the night and remove it in the morning.

Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi, ...I Amy! I am in zone 7b and have planted roses in winter whenever the ground was workable. I would think that you could go ahead and plant them. Are they bareroot or potted?


Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

i planted roses a month ago, and moved exiting ones. they are all doing fine

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You can plant pot grown Roses anytime the soil is workable, add plenty manure or rose feed to the planting hole to give the roots a good start, IF bare rooted, prune off any dried and dead looking roots, then prepare the planting hole as before, you might also want to do a light prune of the stems, cut on a slant away from an outer pointing bud so any rain/moisture dont sit on the buds and cause rotting, depending on how tall the stems are, you could also make a wigwam with canes for the Roses IF heavy snow was to come, cover with plastic bag, but remove through the day so you dont cause rot, let some air in during the day also. Good luck. WeeNel.

Todd, NC

Thanks everyone, I am gonna go for it! I'll keep ya posted.

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