Is it too late (warm) to sow outside?

Central, KY(Zone 6b)

I bought several different poppy varieties, most are the "opium" (can't remember the scientific name right now) type. The daytime temps are around mid 50's to mid 60's with nights high 30's to mid 40's. I normally just scatter my Lauren's Grape in the fall, when they make seed, and only have sporadic germination and wanted to try these new ones, then forgot I had them :-(

Chimacum, WA

You could plant the poppy seeds for several months yet. Just make sure you water them - keep them damp to ensure they will come up. I have had some poppies come up in June!
I would plant them at my place after the last frost. (Have frost into April)

Central, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the info, if I don't see anything coming up in the next month, I'll sow some more. I went ahead and surface sowed a few yesterday evening but have plenty left in case they don't come up. I've never grown any except for Lauren's Grape and I'm really excited and impatient to see some new ones bloom :-) Our ground is saturated with more rain falling every week, I just hope they don't wash away!

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