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Mentha sp 'H.S.' or mentha spicata 'Himalayan Silver'

Boulder Creek, CA(Zone 9a)

I have this plant, I found its name and a perfect image match on the web, but I can't manage to enter it into the PlantFiles. It is very invasive and I think it should be listed in DG PlantFiles.

* Mentha ‘Himalayan Silver’ - HIMALAYAN SILVER MINT (H/2’;PS) Light spearmint scented, beautiful soft furry foliage, lavender flower spikes dry well, good for arrangements. Very vigorous grower, great for erosion control in dry areas.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You'll have to make a new entry for it before you can put in a picture. When you're in Plant Files, click the link that says "add a plant". I'm sure there are some existing Mentha spicata cultivars in PF so between looking at those and the info from the links you have you should be able to fill in most of the fields.

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