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Getting ready for another trip

Lombard, IL(Zone 5b)

Gonna take my two young-ins out to Utah on Saturday for two weeks. This will be our first camping trip with two kids, so we'll see how it goes. We'll be hitting many of the parks and lots of other canyons in non-park areas. I'll post some pics when we get back. Does anybody have any tips they would like to share for camping with 2 kids vs. just one (we have done that several times)? Any favorite places in southern Utah or northern Arizona for kids?

How ya been Sofer?


Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Camping with 2 kids. Key words: Duct Tape, ropes and ear plugs. LOL
Bill I have been fine. I like the Idea of taking them to "Road Runner Country". You should have them see road runner cartoons before they go there. They would get more fun out of seeing the wind scoured bluffs, sandstone, and arches. Take pictures with them holding up some big rock balanced on a small spicule of sandstone. (You know like holding up the leaning tower of Piza) I like to get off the road and see the Anasthazi (sp) cliff dwellings. I would also not miss the north rim of the grand canyon. It is kind of awesome to see Hoover dam and to feel the vibrations of the shafts spinning from the water power. Also plan on a book of Cactus to ID all the flowers that will be out there now. Oh yes and get some good desert soil for you cactus that you bring home. Lots of great spots in Zion for young ones. Short hikes in spectacular areas. You will need a good spotting scope or binocs for the critters long ways off. Salt Lake has some beautiful gardens and should probably be going soon. Of course you could pretend to be in a conostoga wagon and drive about 3 mph for about an hour to let them understand how hard it was to cross the desert areas. Cut open a cactus and show them where the water is. They probably would like a hot spring. Several down there. Just a few Ideas. Have fun.
I am getting ready for my paddle down the N. Sask this june. Right now I am have parents who are not healthy keeping me from going. Here is my canoe I rebuilt this winter.

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