My Peace Lily's Won't Bloom

Buford, GA

I didn't think I was a beginner with housplants, but I might be wrong. I've managed to keep a few things alive for a few years now.... :) However, these lily's are just not cooperating anymore. I got these Lily's over a number of years. One came from the funeral of my maternal grandma (plant A) and the other came from a gift on the birth of my daughter, Lily (pant B). So, they are important to me, that is established. I repotted pants A and B last summer. There is an off-shoot of plant A (plant C). Plants A and B were replanted last summer, in August. They both sit near windows with southern exposures. They are not in the direct sun, as I always keep them near, but tilt the shutters upward. C is on my kitchen island. Southern exposure but no direct light where it is. They have been watered and fertilized regularly. Not too much of either. I never let them wilt. They do have some brown edges, I am gathering now that this is too much light (was reading the thread about the green flowers). Also, maybe the pots are too big? They are certainly not 1/3 the size of the plants. One is in an oblong basket and no where near taking it over. Again they are healthy for the most part, but I am obviously missing something. Help would be great. Oh, and plants A and B have flowered before, but not in the past 1 1/2 years. Plant C has not flowered since I seprarated it 1 1/2 years ago.

Sandy Springs, GA

I just bought my first lilies about 2 days ago and I have done a bit of research to make sure they stay alive. I could be wrong, but this is what I think: These are low light/shade plants and they like moist soil (don't let the soil dry out between waterings). If the leaves are "drooping" that's how you know its time to water. I was told that every 3 days was about average for the size lily that I got. The browning leaves could be from either lack of water or too much sun.

If your pots are too big that could be part of the reason for your lack of blooms because the plant is focused on root growth to fill out the pot, rather than plant/bloom growth. I would think that the roots would fill the pot by now since they've been in the same pots for over a year. If the pot isn't the problem maybe you should try a little fertilizer?

Do you have a pic you could upload? Sometimes seeing the plant helps the DG experts "diagnose" a problem and make better suggestions.

I am not an expert so maybe someone with more planting experience can come along and help out a little.

Sandy Springs, GA

One more thing that may help with the brown tips. Peace Lilies really like humidity. Someone else on DG said that they had a problem with the tips of their peace lily browning until they got a pebble tray to help keep the humidity up around the plant. I personally don't have a pebble tray, but I do mist my peace lily throughout the day to add some humidity.

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