Nishiki Willow, Dappled Willow 'Hakuro Nishiki' (Salix integra)

Huntington, AR

Nishiki Willow, Dappled Willow 'Hakuro Nishiki'
Salix integra

Dappled Willow, trained as a standard. Western Arkansas

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Windsor, CT

is there a difference between the nishiki willow as a tree or shrub? I see pictures of both on here. I was originally considering as a shrub to go along with my other evergreen type shrubs in my front, kind of add some flowery type bush to create diverstiy. Now I am looking at a picture of it as a tree and like that as well. It would be in the front yard with full sun all day. What do you think?

Huntington, AR

The only difference is training. It tends to grow as a multi-stemmed shrub, but I cut out all but one upright branchlet, and once it got 3 or 4 feet tall I headed it back, so it would start branching. It grows very fast, though, so it didn't take long for it to start looking like this one. In winter I take hedge-shears to it, cutting all the branches back so it makes about a three foot around ball on top of the trunk, stimulating it to make that colorful new growth. I'm still pulling suckers from the base every couple weeks, but that will end eventually. This one gets full sun almost all day in summer, and is reputed to be more drought-tolerant than most willows. I have it in a lawn, on a slope where water drains fairly fast, and have had no problems other than it is so topheavy the constant winds and flooding this spring have tried to push it over, so I restaked it until it gets a few more roots to hold that top. I've read it can also be sheared regularly, like a hedge. Hope that helps you a little!

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Windsor, CT

So if I wanted this as a shrub to put in between my other evergreen type bushes, that would be okay? I want more of a bush as opposed to a tree that will fit with the rest of the landscape. Or do you think it is better as a tree as in the above picture?

Huntington, AR

I think it grows about 4-6 feet tall as a multistemmed shrub, kind of like V or U shaped, I think it can spread underground, but not terribly so. I've read a lot of people grow it as a shrub and cut it down to the ground every winter, probably to limit its height. If it wouldn't be crammed between the other evergreens I think it would do great. I did this one as a tree because it fit with the formality of the front of the house, but I've rooted cuttings that I will be planting out in various places on the back 19, and those I will just let grow into a shrub. By the way, the twigs are a very dark shade of red during winter.

Perkasie, PA(Zone 6b)

My new (Mother's Day) variegated willow is now growing all green new growth. Should I do something - or just wait?

Scappoose, OR

Sissystars. Our plants produce all green leaves if we prune in the summer. I think when yours cycles through winter the new leaves will be dappled. If not I would prune it heavy in the fall after the sap has gone to the roots and the leaves have fallen.

Easton, MD

I started this plant as part of a bonsai garden. It was planted outside in Ohio eventually and it grew quickly. After 10 years the plant was relocated . A very shallow but very long root
had developed. The now large shrub is planted in a clay soil in full sun in tidewater Maryland. It is in an area of the gardens which once featured standing water after a rain; No more. It is a beautiful bush which seems to adapt to pruning as you choose to shape it. The greatest detriment to the plant is a japanese beetle infestation. Overall a spectacular ornamental beauty .

Johnson City, TN(Zone 6b)

I just purchased a 2 foot tall dappled willow. I would love to place it in my perennial bed in the canopy shape. I plan on planting the shrub in a couple of weeks.. Can I remove all the branches except the center one now or should I wait till spring after it has grown more? Thanks so much for all the information.

Scappoose, OR

We made a standard as well. Willows are very easy to grow from cuttings. We made cutting and limited its growth to just the one stem that became a tree trunk. It is about 6 feet tall now and we strip any growth of branches off at the base and on the trunk. We have the original 5 or 6 shrubs we have pruned into a hedge that is about 4 feet tall and 4 ft wide.

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