variegated brocolli

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

i hope this is the right place to put this?
i have a variegated broccolli in my garden i bought it in a 9 pack from lowes,was wanting to know how i could get seeds from this to see if i could get them to be variegated when i grew this again? do i have to have 2 plants to do this or what? plmk and any info is welcomed,was wondering also "how do variegated plants get to be variegated? is in the soil,plant or what? plmk and thxs for helping i hope this makes since lol

Mesilla Park, NM

Whoa, a variegated broccolli, kinda makes you NOT want to eat it, and use it as a flowering broc... Now I'm going to look for variegated veggies, you never know if the seeds will produce another variegated, and I sure don't know if you can take cuttings of broccolli. Sounds neat though.

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

well i sure would like to know lol
i will go take a pic brb

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

first pic

Thumbnail by moretz
hickory, NC(Zone 7a)


Thumbnail by moretz
Mesilla Park, NM

They sure look like variegated leaves to me! I wonder if Shoe would know about rooting broccoli spears... maybe we should send him this link.

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Just Let The Heads Bolt So They Will Make Seeds Paul

Mesilla Park, NM

Well there you go, let it go to seed and do a grow out. The variegation has something to do with the lack of pigmenation/chlorophyll in the leaves. I seem to recall that it is actually a disease, and not a good thing, but is a nice visual plant. Now I don't know what causes it though.. some plants come out totally white (albino) and they don't live long because they need the chlorophyll to live. I probably used very layman terms because I really don't know the correct terms. Hopefully I'll learn some things here in this forum.

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

that is what i am hoping too lol i want to understand how plants get their variegation and maybe figure out how to do it lol but i guess that mother nature does that part lol thxs

Nashua, NH

moretz Just joined DG today what a great site! I feel like a kid in a candy store. I was curious how the rest of the season went with your variegated broccolli.Did it produce any spears? Did you save the seeds? Any info on this would be very interesting to me. Thanks turfman

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

no it didnt,the bugs got it before it could set seeds ,wish i could have gotten some seeds i would have loved to see if it came true from seeds but i will look for another one next year but i probably wont find another one lol thxs

Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

Moretz... Just findign this forum. Varigation can from alot of reasons. Looked close at your plants and looks like you had a seed or a plant that was grown from a seed that carried some sort of virus.

If the mother plant was infected, it would pass on the seeds.

If th evarigation was comign from natural causes, like a few genes being shut off, then you would have had to try and tissue culture or root cutting sof th eplant to keep it true.

Nice looking varigation.

All them tulips you see that have all them different colors in them. Those colors come about from a virus being introduced into the bulbs.

Too bad it had to croak. would have fun to play with. : )

Nashua, NH

moretz... to bad the bugs got it.Hope you have better luck next year with those pesky bugs!

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

If you have success it would look like a Broccoli/Cauliflower cross lol. I bet kids would eat Broccoli more if it "looked" cool and not the boring green. :)

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