What do you plant to cover the browning leaves?

Mackinaw, IL(Zone 5a)

I have a wonderful area of poppies along the S and W sides of my house courtesy of the former owners (I think they are Oriental poppies--reddish-orange, and really pretty!), that self-seed themselves each year. They just seem to get thicker each year, with no help from me!

The downside is how brown and scraggly they get after they bloom. Is there something I can plant along with them, that will cover the aging leaves? I always hesitate to dig and plant annuals too much in that area, for fear that I'll mess up the re-seeding process. In the same area are two wiegela shrubs, a rose that honestly needs to go away, and some daffodils that are done by the time the poppies fill in.

Would some daylilies toward the front of the area work? Or would they compete too much?
I have daffodils and daylilies planted together in back, and it is great how the daffs come first, then the daylilies cover the aging leaves and bloom later, so something is always going.

Thanks for any input! It's taken me 5 years just to get a handle on everything that was here when we bought the house, and I've been gradually learning and adding things along the way.

(Zone 7a)

I have a range of self-seeding papaver somniferom varieties, some of which are in beds that are mixed with daylilies and irises. They seem to do just fine together. I don't know a thing about Midwestern gardening, but down here, breadseed poppies mix great with lavender, hyssop, blue flax, and Russian sage. I wouldn't worry too much about disturbing them. Adding a couple new plants to the bed isn't a major upheaval, and poppies are way tougher than they look. Good luck!

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