Best passi for a hanging basket

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

I hung 2 wrought iron planters (1 side flat, the other side round) on my fence. I have ordered a few passis, and am growing a Mollissima. The passi will hang down naturally, but I can also train it across maybe 2-3 feet. The liner is one of the coco-liner so it will drain well. Should I add some of the water retaining crystals?

Which one would be best for the basket out of these:
White Wedding
Lady Margaret
Lady Lavender

Thanks, Jennifer

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

if it were me i would not add water retaining crystals, but that is MHO

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

Any opinions on the type of passi?

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi Jennifer, of the 4 types passi. I've two of those. Lady Lavender survived my zone x2 years planted in the ground, but last year it didn't have enough time to produce flowers before frost killed back to the ground.

Lady Margarette however, grew back but bloomed late in the Fall, and this spring I haven't seen neither one pops out yet. (The native p. incarnata isn't awaken in most various places in the garden either), but remember your location is one zone further south.

As far as planting them on baskets and pots, I think they could be very attractive. Using crystal water polymers is great idea in hot and humid area like ours for potting plants. That's the positive aspect of using them. The negative is, they're synthetic materials and will eventually break down, thus replacing them (and the soil) is a must as time passes.

I hope that helps some?
Happy gardening.

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

Yes Kim, that does help : )


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