Foam coming out of my ducks eyes!

Howell, MI

Well...let's try a new thread and see if I can get a response....

My duck is missing a toe....and it's web is torn from the other "outside toe".....and there is foam
oozing out of my duck's eyes.....Any Ideas Anyone!?? Whether what's wrong or what to do - I would love to hear your suggestions/ideas!!!!!


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i wish you ahd a picture. ahve you done a search on poultry disease, or do tyou think the eye is realted to the foot injury? can you catch her? i would sure keep her separate to be sure she heals up OK.

there is so much here on DG that some folks get distracted and don't notice new threads. or they don't have an answer so they just lurk.

i am busy homeschooling my kids or I would do a google search for you. it seems the eye thing could be a disease, but i thought ducks just don't usually get sick.

totally new at this and wish i were more help,

Lodi, United States

Hi Jean--I haven't had ducks in many years, but there is a duck eye disease that can eventually cause blindness--it results from the duck not being able to submerge its head in water. I think it is called "dry duck disease" or something like that. It sounded from your previous thread that she had free access to water, so I don't know that that would be the problem. I would guess that the damaged foot and eye condition are not related, except maybe making her more susceptible to an eye infection because of stress. To me it sounds like she has an eye infection or conditon AND she has suffered some physical trauma to her foot. There are some good duck health sites that you can google. You might be able to match her sysmptoms to one of the infections they describe. I hope she feels better and it is something you can treat with antibiotics in her feed or water--have you asked at your local feed store?

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

How is the duck?

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)


Lodi, United States

Jean, here is a site from Cornel University. Non of the diseases sound quite right for your duck--but it looks like you might be able to contact someone for more information--or at least look at the other sites listed at the bottom. Wish we could see the symptoms--does it look like mucus?

Lodi, United States

Jean, this site has a lot of people complaining about ducks with foamy eyes--it sounds like it may be a common response to a lot of different conditons. Notice the comments by Thereasa about half-way down.

Howell, MI

Thanks so much! That's why I posted again....figured it would bring more attention :)
Thanks Catscan for the far - I believe I may need injectable antibiotics....but there are no avian vets around here.....I do have an Equine vet that also works with small animals - she's a close friend of mine....I'm sure she can find something for me! :)

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

please let us know how the duck does. and maybe post your findings over on the other place where they are reporting this problem... i will be watching my ducks eyes more carerfully now that this has been brougth to our attention, thanks Jean!

Howell, MI

np - I'll keep everyone updated! :)

Howell, MI

Well.....I lost the bet - my "foamy duck" is still alive. She's actually looking a little bit better.....still has the foam there....and her eyes have a "wild" look to them....but she's been acting better......who knows....We'll still wait and see......

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

still no ideas what it is?

SW, KS(Zone 6a)

Is this duck a Muscovy?

Foamy eye is a common condition with Muscovy males, especially during winter, and is often nothing more than poor hygiene. I do believe there is a bacterial 'issue' that can cause foamy eye but I've never had any problems with it personally.

Howell, MI

not a Muscovy....Golden Cascade. Yesterday it looked pretty normal. So odd....I think you're right about the bacteria thing.

Columbia, TN(Zone 7b)

How would you treat that kind of bacteria?


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