When to give up hope on my 'Ariadne'?

Iowa City, IA(Zone 5a)

I feel so bad, I don't think my 'Ariadne' made it through winter. The buds are a blackish color and the bark has a grayish tint to the majority of it. There are still some parts that show green, though. Yesterday, I probably did something I should not have - I removed one bud. There was a tiny bit of green behind it, but only the tiniest bit.

Am I expecting a miracle? Should I just stop obsessively looking at it every day?

My 'Jerre Swartz' also does not have swelling buds, but the entire tree is green and bright looking, and the buds are a healthy looking pinkish color.

I guess for my first winter with six grafts, losing one is not such a bad ratio. Still makes me sad, though : (


Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

I think you're doing pretty good! As for the Ariadne it was mentioned in another post that this one could be troublesome. I had considered it for an addition here but dropped it from the list because of that advice. My Oridono Nishiki buds are just in the late swelling stage. A Viridis is leafing out as well as a Purple Ghost. The Virdis and the Purple Ghost are at the same stage. Frankly in this zone 5 I'm more comfortable with the later stage of leafing out with the Oridono Nishiki. Means it would less susceptible to late spring frosts and we get 'em here. The foliage color (electric fuschia?) on the just expanding leaves of the Purple Ghost is INCREDIBLE! As soon as they are fully out I will post a pic. This one is so gorgeous that I'm going to build a PVC frame that I can hastily put together and drape with a tarp to protect it if necessary.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

If I am not mistaken you had said this was a young graft. Even under perfect conditions these youngins can die for varias reasons or for no obvious reson at all. I would wait ...it can do no harm ...but I would not get your hopes up it should be showing something by now I do not think the A is a late bud breaker ...those types of plants generally arn't .and the bark color is a good sign it is DOA..the oridono does break rather late ...one reson it does good north... Most dissectums are also not late breakers ... the fact the JS has not ( BY NOW) is not a good sign either... But if it looks normal otherwise it "may" be ok...it may have some root damage that is gonna take a bit for it to come out ...but again I would NOT get your hopes up ( I don't know if the JS is a youngin or not).Of course the other side is that a tree can come out beautifully and then KAPUT ...it is usally from bad rootstock that has disease psuedonomous or something ...the top springs out but cant get nutricion because the RS is dead or dieing...that is MUCH more depressing . David

Iowa City, IA(Zone 5a)

The 'Ariadne' is (was?) a younin - it was grafted in 2006. The 'Jerre Swartz' was grafted in 2005, so not a complete baby. I don't want to give up hope on the JS, it really does look very much alive. There is nothing gray or dark or dried up looking anywhere on it. I'll take pictures of both today after work and post them here. I have heard of people having problems with BOTH of these on this board, so I'm not COMPLETELY beating myself up.

We've had really good weather the past week, next week there is one day that it is supposed to get down to 34 and snow. Ugh...I imagine everyone will be moving onto the back porch or back into the garage.


Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

I might add I( have four late ones three are just now starting to pop the fourth looks very alive like yours but nothing...it does have a little black on the RS but it doesn't look bad or deathly may just be dark base bark ... The three that are just now starting were accidentally left out last winter in 4-5 gal tubs...I got too tired bringing them in but they were NOT ones I wanted to leave out ... in fact I couldn't find them this spring thinking I had put them in . Strangely the larger late tree that shows nothing going on was inside all winter ...but could have had something wrong with it last year or got too wet ...watering in winter is really hard both physically and timed correctly I watered lightly once in dec once in feb and omce in late march PERIoD ...and stuff still got to wet IMHO I am VERY lucky I didn't have more problems... If this one is DOA it is because it was probably too wet .Beware of this problem if you are overwintering inside unheated area!! beast keep fans going at least after watering even if it is cold to circulate the air...

As far as colder weather we are suppose to get to 37 or so ...unless it gets below 32 and or into the twenties for several hours which is highly unlikely for either of us I don't think there is too much to worry about maybe some leaf damage at most depending on how far out yours are ..and all of my in the ground ones and many that were brought in are just starting to come out ...you should be behind me!! So either leaving out or taking in is your choice but if you only have a few i would bring in to be safe ...I don't have that luxury ...they are out for the duration ..david

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