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Brown bugs on my newest JM's - Aphids??

New Hampshire, NH(Zone 5b)

I planted two new JM's last spring. Both are infested with small brown bugs on the newly emerging leaves. I am guessing it's Aphids based on some google searches, so I sprayed with insecticidal soap that supposedly kills Aphids on contact. But It doesn't appear to be working...any ideas?

I have another JM that is well-established (12 years old) and it doesn't have any bugs. Does that mean my two new ones are weak and more pest-prone? Should I be looking for anything else?

Thanks in advance!

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

How brown are they? Photo perhaps? When I get an aphid problem that won't go away I use this product diluted.
It's ecologically correct and really works. I haven't had real good results with the insecticidal soap. The diatect can leave spots like water spots on the leaves from the powder but I've found that it's much better than the alternative.

I think that all plants are different. I have a hellebore that gets aphids like crazy when I don't get it on the others and the same with a clematis. I have a Japanese Maple that always mildews - bummer. Never had another one do that.

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