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What is the difference between koolats and gauchos?

Menasha, WI(Zone 5a)

I keep calling my daughters pants koolats and she calls them gauchos - is there a difference?

Sioux City, IA(Zone 4b)

I'm sorry to say that I have not heard the term koolats for a while so I do not really remember what style they refer to. Women's clothing changes names alot. I think to keep us interested, ha, ha. But what ever the "in" name is at any given time that is the name to go by!!!

Kinda like cropped pants and burmudas. Often times they are the same thing and I'm sure some other ladies could come and give other names they go by.

Strasburg, VA(Zone 6b)

koolats (term we used in the 70's when i grew up) are like skorts (more recent term) where you have a flap over the front of shorts (sometimes the back too) making it look like a skirt......a lot of skorts are short skirts with shorts under them.....handy for small girls who bounce around :-)

gauchos are wide-legged pants which came to below knee length approx mid-calf length....they have experienced a recent comeback as they were popular in the 70's with boots

such fun and memories :-)

Bunkie, LA

If y'all recall, in the 80's they were called Nickers. Made the same way just a different name for a different time period I guess. Every ten years they have to come up with a different name or else they are un-cool!

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

i thought the word was culottes but I must admit I don't keep up w/ fashion like I used to. a style I always stayed away from because it is not flattering for women w/ big bottoms and/or big thighs.

anyway, I found this on google.

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