Meigetsu Itaya?

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

I am new to Japanese Maple's and I have questions. We just removed a large dead tree leaving a space in a wooded area. I would like to plant a large Japanese Maple in the space. Someone has suggested a 'Meigetsu Itaya'. Can anyone tell me about this plant? What shape, size, fall color will it grow into. And how fast does it grow? And anything else about it.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Strange choice for a first JM ...but the word Meigetsu seems be synonomous with Japonican if I read vertrees rather criptic comments on it also could be a totally differnt species the translation is multifold ..Itaya is a is a specific cultivar of japonican... that is I believe most likely but not certainly what you are referring to ... whether it does well down there or is your best choice is questionable... Della has a couple of them so do many other nurseries incl. greers here's their description if this is in fact the right tree!!

NEW 50308 Acer japonicum ‘Itaya’ — 15'. Rounded leaves with the lobes separated about 1/3 to the leaf base. Bold structure with short internodes enables a strong plant. Fall color is spectacular with bright yellows, oranges, and reds. 4-5' $69.95

Sounds like a nice tree to me and maybe it does good down there ...whether it is easy to care for who knows ... it sounds "unspectacular" to me personally Diane who writes the descritions for Greers is a little more heartfelt when she sees stuff that is really nice but it should be a nice tree ... as I said my "gut" feeling is you could do better with the many hundreds of spectacular JM's available ..of which some should grow down there...but I am neither an expert on your area or this specific cultivar ..but the name is a question mark and if I am right it is a A.J. Itaya not as specified in your tittle since that is not a good word to throw around with several meanings as far as differnt species.David

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

If I had space for a large tree I would plant a Suminagashi. It can take full sun here, thought I don't know about Texas. It is a vibrant red all summer, even better in spring and fall - doesn't turn as purple as some of the trees. You would have to want a red tree though.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks guys! I was going on the idea that the Meigetsu was more than twice that size. How large does the Suminagashi get? Is it larger than a Bloodgood? What are some other good choices for large JMs?

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

Here's more about Suminagashi.
estimates are that it will get between 10-24 feet depending on who you ask. I've seen Bloodgood estimated anywhere from 15-30 feet. Most say the smaller size in 10 years.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Are there JMs taller than Bloodgood? My neighbor has a red JM that looks 20+ feet tall. I assume the tree was planted when the house was built twenty years ago. I wonder if it is a bloodgood?
The location where I'd like my new tree is shaded by large deciduous trees. Which JM is the largest?

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

If you want the largest you might cruise through Greer Garden's listings. It's fun to do anyway.

Gaithersburg, MD(Zone 6b)

There are a few alternatives - maples but not true JM's.

King Crimson is a red/purple leafed Norway maple. It can reach way up into the 50ft range - possibly more.

Harlequin Maple is a white/green leafed Norway maple. It can reach a similar height. But it has trouble with leaves burning in warmer climates in full sun.

Eskimo Sunset is a Sycamore Maple that can reach similar heights. I've posted a couple of pictures of a little one I just got. Look around, or look on my blogg. It is pink/cream/green.

These do not have the JM form. But they rival the beauty of some of the cultivars, while being taller.

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