Aussie trades for NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, ACT, TAS

Coffs Harbour, Australia

We'll see how this works out.
The idea is to list an item you want, or have, to swap or trade. You don't have to list it here, but can keep a trades list in your Blog.
Those of you that know how, can add a link to your tradeslist like this
Now, only post once, and if you wish to add or delete a swap/trade item, just edit your post!
You can do this by clicking on "Edit" which is just under your name in the lefthand box, then changing, adding or deleting items and text.
Now I don't want to have to tell people off, so NO CHAT
Also, you can't edit a picture, as far as I know, so you needn't add one unless you can't help yourself.
This thread shouldn't get too long if we all stick to the rules ok? But if all fails, we will just start a new one.
The only plants I am interested in at this point are bromeliad pups and palm seeds, and now the Mexican Tree fern seeds, added 9/7/08 - gourd seeds, lipstick palm seeds If anyone has any to spare, have a look at the link above to see what I have to offer. I will be updating it periodically.
(All thanks to KK for suggesting this in a prior thread)

Have replied to Annette via dmail 6/5/08
Have helped out Jean with yellow nerines 8/5/08

bumping by editing doesn't work!

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Merino, Australia

I don't have much to trade but I do have plenty of lovely daylilies. They will quickly multiply. Are very hardy, some dying down in winter and coming back in spring. If the weather is mild they will not die right away , just shed some leaves and put on new growth.

I also have plenty of irises. These are a mix of colors and some are older heritage varieties.These are not named.

I have epiphyllum and zygocactus / schlumbergera cuttings also.

Seeds from honesty, wallflowers and valerian as they die off each year.

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Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

Sue What palm seeds are you chasing?, there are heaps of different varieties around this town that are always setting seeds, I have foxtail palms that always have seeds on them.

Cheers Annette

Merino, Australia

I forgot to add what I would like.
White Chistmas Lilies . Any Asiatic or Oriental Lilums.
I do have some red/ orange Nerines to trade

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Sydney, Australia

I have:
Russian Sage (rooted pieces).Flowers for months.
Parovskia Atriplicifolia.

Robertstown, Australia(Zone 10a)


I expect to be back trading plants again by Spring. Please check out my available plants here: and my wanted list here: I have a lot of other plants as well as the ones on the list. Please check out my journal or enquire via DMail. If you check out my journal (Click on my name in colour just to the left of this post, then go down to where it says "Read Kaelkitty's Gardener's Journal (1913 items)" and click. The "Read Journal" link will give you access to all my plants - it's still a bit of a work in progress as I have about 200 entries still to do in the Cacti section plus a lot of updating to do.

Ciao, KK.

PS I have developed an interest in Lachenalias, but I now have most of the common ones. I will have swaps at the end of the season for some species if you have any unusual species to trade OR if you would just like some bulbs of Lachenalia aloides 'Aurea', Lachenalia aloides var. quadricolor, or Lachenalia mutabilis please DMail me

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Bendigo, Australia

Hi all, Glenys here from Bendigo. I am looking for someone that has large white Chrysanthemum cuttings, around August of course. I want the really pure white varieties, but nothing in Spiders or Quills, they make bunches messy. I don't have anything to trade but am really happy to pay for the cuttings. I only need around 10, so if there is someone out there that can help, please let me know. Just so you know, it is freezing here today, not happy!!

Thumbnail by chrysies
Bendigo, Australia

can trade succulent cuttings . looking for cuttings of zygo cactus or epiphyllium. location Bendigo

Sydney, Australia

Brugmansia/Angels Trumpets ... cuttings to swap
Alphonse Mucha (creamy velvet bloom wonderful honey scent)
Frosty Pink
Versicolor Peach
Elfin Pink
Sugar Pink
Old Sydney Apricot noid
****Many beautiful brugs (noid) bloomed seedlings my own doubles and semi doubles/*cuttings available next Spring*.
Sorry the weather has been too dreadful this season.*****
If you see one you like d.mail me
Rhipsalidopsis. deep red &orange cuttings.
Twisted willow cuttings (ideal for dry and fresh flower arrangements.)

Fragolo (the original Italian one) cuttings June/July
Pink honeysuckle cuttings (grows easily from cuttings) Spring
Blue Potato creeper (grows easily from cuttings) spring
Rangoon creeper Cuttings grow from August to Sept
Bougainvillea * cuttings various colours, *hot orange,
*yellow , *white, *different pinks etc. Cuttings best grown in summer.
Many other types of plant cuttings/seeds ...ask me ^_^

***Wanting ***

Yam tubers
Asian herbs and vegetable seeds
Herb seeds or roots
Day lily
Iochroma seeds or cuttings
Salvia seeds or cuttings.
Exotic passionfruit seed
Chilli seeds
Elephant Ears
Bromiliad pups
Exotic fruit seeds ...tropical and subtropical.
Datura seeds
Blue ginger

Sorry Sue please Don't hit me ...I forgot that I posted once before.^_^

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

Wee wah, wee wah, wee wah, quick, hide, it's the double posting police! The jig is up chrissy! you're under arrest! LOL. Sometimes you have to post twice, because the thread doesn't bump if you just Edit, so at least it brings it to our attention. Now, whos going to bust me for posting? I think it's done well to have lasted this long and I think you all deserve a pat on the back.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Cordyline cuttings....

I have a:
Rhipsalis houlletiana
Alsobia Cygnet
Heliconia stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican'
Oncidium Orchid
Staghorn leaf fern

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Magnetic Island, Australia(Zone 11)

Ok, I'm after any colour Nerium Oleander... cuttings or plants

I have to trade
Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) pretty well all the colours going in Australia
Frangipani..white,red,tri -colour...
Desert rose..... red and pink

Thanks Brica1....I have all the colour Oleanders now,you are so generous...thankyou :))))

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Redondo Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Chrissy, there are so many sages, and they are so wonderful! I fell in love with them, and planted them in various sizes and designed to bloom 365 in one of my designs. SO many colors...

Thumbnail by LApalms
Coushatta, LA

Does any one have hardy eucalyptus seeds they would like to trade? My winter temps average 40 degsF lows with some lows in the teens.I have or can get seeds to many plants native to my state(louisianna)or seeds of southern heirloom annuals or perennails.If you like oaks I can get seed for eleven species native to my area.

el arish, FNQ, Australia

Hello, I have various cordylines, brugmansias, heliconias, gingers, costus and alocasias I'm willing to swap for broms. Neos and Bilbergias in particular.
PM me if you're interested :) Thanks!!! Ann

melbourne, Australia

i have the following if anyone would like any seeds:
bronze shades sunflowers
violet honey myrtle - melaleuca radula
wild iris - dietes gradiflora
black passionfruit - passiflora edulis
banana passionfruit - passiflora mollissima
blue crown passionfruit - passiflora caerulea
midnight blue lobelia - lobelia erinus
verbascum blateri
blue wonder catmint - nepeta x faassenii
white sweet pea
flanders poppies
opium poppies

Sydney, Australia

Hey all.
Have some Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea' (Hopbush) seeds if anyone is interested.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi All, DMail me if you want more info.

I've got the following to swap with folks in Australia:
Bromeliad pups - these will be available again in Nov/Dec 2009:
Neo: Debbie, Lila, Beef Steak, spectabilis/FingerNail, carolinae, Alley Cat, Sheba, Red Gold, Honolulu hybrid, Predator
Neostropsis: B-Fire
Ae: Lucky Stripe, Matchstick/Gamosepala
Vr: Sundance, Ginger, fosteriana, carinata
Bil: nutans
Quesnelia: testudo
Eucharist or Amazon Lily - Eucharis amazonica
Orange Clivia
Varigated Ginger - Alpina zerumbet `Variegata`
Oncidium Dancing Lady
Epidendrum Crucifix various colours, eg orange, purple, red, yellow,pale orangle
Mother-in-Law Tongue - two types
Geranium: double red
Moses in the Cradle - plain, striped & the large form

I would be interested in brom pups or tropical plants in return, in particular:
Ae. Samurai, calyculata
Neo. Pheasant or Wee Willie, Break of Day, Jewellry Shop, Red Macaw,
Bill. Fantasia, vittata
Guz. tricolor
Nid. fulgens, innocentii var. lineatum or striatum
Orthophytum vagans
Pit. flammea
Ques. liboniana
Till. stricta, Creation
Vr. Kiwi Sunset (or other Kiwi...), guttata

NOTE: For anyone outside of Australia, I'm sorry, but the Australian import restrictions really make in unviable.

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La Grange Park, IL

I have date palm seeds. I am hoping to try and grow a Macadamia Nut Tree.
Debbie Lavery
402 Newberry Ave
LAGrange PArk, IL 60526

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

G'day. I have Solanum mammosum, American Redbud tree (grows wild in Pennsylvania), Cassia marilandica, Cassia hebecarpa, Dames rocket (grows wild in Pennsylvania), Variegated Yucca, Lapeirousia cruenta "Joan Evans," Sesbania punicea. I am looking for Aussie seeds. Let me know what you have. Please D-mail me. Thanks.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

hey you internationals, we can't trade internationally, due to quarantine laws here in Australia. Sorry about that.

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

I never had a problem with seeds. I know plants are strictly taboo. Thanks.

noonamah, Australia

Just a note on quarantine, in Australia AQIS have a database listing probibited and non-prohibited imports. Anything not listed has to have a case made out for it showing it fits in with the requirements for import. That costs, and gets that plant listed on the data base. This is the URL for the data base, you can do your own searches and see what conditions apply:

I'd suspect the USA and some other countries would have something similar. Anyone wanting seed sent to them across national borders should make the enquiries of the local authorities and, if okay, contact the 'sender' with details of how they should be sent.

Of course, then there's CITES regulations, that's a story of its own.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Seeds are gone!

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north coast nsw, Australia

oh ok found the swap/trade aussie forum now! I got brom pups(green with the pink centres), some coloured bamboos, alot of carnivorous plants, old mans beard(great for hanging epi orchids in), some succulents, lemon grass, alot of orchids. But were in a flood at the moment so have to see if anything dies after all this water! this pics or rd...

Thumbnail by breeindy
north coast nsw, Australia

Anyone have any pond lilies to swap me for something?
I got plenty of red/white and red hippiastrums

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Mid North Coast NSW, Australia

I'm looking for Aspalathus Linearis : Rooibos. Happy to pay for seeds, but I would love a plant. Has anyone had anyluck with Rooibos? Can I give it a go in Coffs?

Mid North Coast NSW, Australia

I have oodles of turmeric, mondo grass, moses in the cradle, Sorry I seem to have been guilty of a breach of netiquette I'll use the post above. .

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se qld, Australia

I have seeds on my Leopard lily (the pink one) if anyone would like some.

north coast nsw, Australia

Have lots of sarracenias and some rooted nepenthes cuttings. (carnivorous plants).

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North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Hi Guys,

I have Cycad Male pups for trade or just give away.
I have got a great Zygo growing and could pull off a couple of pieces.
I have rooted pieces of Senico J.
I have Green Mamba Aloe pups. (GASTERALOE A. haworthioides XG carinata v. verrucosa.Green Mamba - Aloe)

I am chasing this plant with passion as I love it.
My last one passed away when I was travelling so much nursing my stepdad and then when he passed moving mum here.

Mum didn't like the winter here so she has left me and moved to Yeppoon near Rockhampton.

Thumbnail by Degarotty
se qld, Australia

Debbie, that's amaranthus flying colours. It's most often available as seedlings.


Melbourne, Australia

Just recently joined your list and have just red my first email, gotta say I'm thrilled with this site and intend carefully browse each and every posting. I'm sure I'll have things to swap when I get a feel for what's required, I've certainly seen some things I'd like.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i,m in tassie,hope im included as an aussie.i have .as at 18/4/10-orienpet seed crosses,starburst sensation x silk road,also crossed with champion pollen fom the 2010 claremont flower show..........................selling potted lilium this year for the first time[many champion lilies]2000 odd in bulb or seedling[hudsons [[asiatic hybrid mix]]seedlings,about 600]silk road[3m tall]champ,will have 3 babies this year.........bulletproof yelloween x madras,100 bulbs this year.....greisbach,kroell seedling aurelians,mcnamara oriental[2yrs]seedlings......flore pleno double lancifolium.......many more to list and some forgotten[too many beers]....................i.want ..tango asiatics...dark purple trumpets ..landini asiatics ....

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

gidday GW, yes, you are still an Aussie, but you can only trade with in Tassie because of those darned quarantine regs! I haven't yet met any tasmanians on this site, but maybe there are lurkers here who might be able to trade with you. Good luck, and welcome.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

sorry to pull you out of the dirt weedwoman[excuse the pun],im importing seed worldwide.buying bulbs from[most] states of aussie,except WA.exporting clivea and lilium seed worldwide...........for anyone who thinks you cant buy seed worldwide,you proof[sorry about the 2nd thread]......anthony anyone worried,check the AQUIS site[not allowed list is much smaller than allowed list] or chat with me [email protected] ....weedwoman,can you put a small[TAS] up with the other states......please

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Bundaberg, Australia

Hi everyone... and great to find this forum.

I have:

Strelitzia nicolae - seeds
Foxtail palms - small plants, ready to be planted
Canna lilys

Okay, here is what I'm looking for:

Sun loving bromeliads
Anything that is drought resistent and bird attacting.

Cheers, Jane

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

hi and welcome jane,glad to see youve got you have pets?we have a pet forum,,,also tearoom 50,,,,,flowering in november,,,,,many more........and the members are great,no doubt someone else will chat with you soon.....welcome aboard....say what you want,show what you want and dont be scared to bring up a new ticks here mate! jane,liliums attract blackbirds believe me..theyve been called 4 everything......

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Sydney, Australia

pssst sue will yell, no chat in this thread (shhhh welcome e G G forgot to ask what you want as swaps ...go back and edit to display what you would like please come chat in the other threads).
Anon ...****sue sorry****

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Heh-humm! (he he)

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