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Rooting trimmings of Jatropha and Adeniums question

Mesilla Park, NM

I've got to trim both the Japtropha podagricas and my Adeniums... does anyone know if we can root the cuttings of either one? And then how do we root them, callus, etc.. I may be too late for spring pruning but can cut off the smaller branches, they are starting to bud on some and the Japtropha is blooming right now. When was I supposed to prune them?

Any help or hints on how to do this will be appreciated.. I have a granddaughter that is really interested in these plants (she's 11 years old) and I thought she could practice with some of these. I think I'll get her her own plant, but, it seems such a shame to not try to root these .

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Hi Antoinette, I was just thinking of you because some of your epi's are blooming now. Here is one that you sent me below called 'Tel Star.'

I don't know about Japtropha, but I've rooted adenium cuttings easily before. Bottom heat is essential as is good-drainage. Dip the cuttings in rooting hormone, let them callous for a few days to a week, and plant them in a small container of well-draining soil with bottom heat (concrete will do if it is warm out).

Thumbnail by Clare_CA
Mesilla Park, NM

Oh Clare, it looks grand.. I love it..

You will not believe where I got these Japtropha plants... LOWES.. in El Paso a couple of days ago... 14.99 and they are huge... I got two of them. I've not seen any before at a big box store.. I'm looking for uncarina grandier or any of the uncarinas and found these in bloom. The humming birds were investigating them yesterday.

Thank you for the tips here, I also do not remember if they form a caudex from cuttings and is this the time to take prunings from adeniums. Some have small branches all over the place. They all went outside last month.

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

That's awesome, Antoinette. I had a Japtropha for a couple of years, but it got killed in the frost we had the winter before last. I'll get one or two again eventually. They are great plants. That's great that Lowe's has them.

My adeniums are outside too, but it is still quite cool here. I just discovered rot on the root stock of my 'Noble Concubine' and trimmed it off and will now have to root the root stock. It is a shame because it had a beautfiul caudex.

Cuttings will indeed begin to store water in the base and develop a large caudex over time, but it does take a few years. I do think that the time to prune is before flowering in the spring, but it can be done in the summer as well. Here is a great web site on Adeniums with lots of cultural information:

Mesilla Park, NM

just wanted to update... I havent' tried to root cuttings yet, but, there is a seedpod on one of the plants... the hummers love them so maybe they did the pollination. Also, on a sadder note, two of my adeniums rotted... I forget to keep the hose off the ademiums in the summer while they are outside.

I am wondering if they would do alright near the wall outside for the winter... the fockea crispa stayed out all winter and they are both fine..

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

I'm in the same boat with you, Antoinette! I killed a few this year too. I lost both my 'Harry Potter' and my 'Nobel Concubine.' I clearly water too much for these plants' liking. The dilemma is that the leaves turn brown and dry up when they don't get enough water so it seems to be a fine line to walk, and I don't have the time for fussy plants! LOL!

Las Cruces, NM(Zone 8a) are listed as Z10b...and you say it is "still cool"? Must live in the Bay area, or northern coast of CA?

I am no expert,..having killed my first adenium after a couple seasons in coastal GA (died over winter from too much watering)....but these critters just loooooooove heat & water. Make sure temps go above 90-95,...nights above 65...before you water much. Get them into a fasssster draining mix..? Acclimate the plants to full sun (possibly a little late afternoon shade for the caudex/stem bases in the extreme desert). They will go bonkers.

Gourd...I would NOT chance your adeniums against a wall in Mesilla Park for the winter. If your Fockea made may have a "protected passageway" or long roof over a porch? Protected by other buildings/pavement?

Still wouldn't chance it myself. Too cold anywhere around Cruces for Adeniums all-winter outside.

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

That was back in May;-) It's not cool anymore, but it never gets to 90-95 in May Gray or June Gloom. July through November are the warmest months here.

They are in a fast draining mix. I think the humidity might do them in in the cooler months, and I, no doubt, water too much for some of them and not enough for some others. It's sink or swim with me. I've no time for babying anymore.

Austin, TX

Adenium cuttings will root with standard care. However you don't get a true "caudex" plant---the taproot will sometimes enlarge and twist around giving a pseudocaudex look to the plant. Your plant will grow and produce plenty of blooms eventually. But be aware that many Adenuims are grafted plants---so taking cuttings is sometimes a little tricky.

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Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

If you are cutting desirable varieties then rooting the cuttings will keep them till next years 'hot' season and then you can graft them into seedlings you grow or buy from Phil @ Cornell for bout $20.- you get 10 1 year old seedlings.
unless Chris starts selling grafting stock too ;)

Mesilla Park, NM

YodieCoyote, thanks... sorry it's taken me so long to respond, had some work being done on our home.. well, the birds ate the seedpod.. I do plan to bring all the adeniums inside, but don't know if I'll have room for the plumerias.. sometimes I push the zone a little too far I guess.

Malstrom, I did purchase some from [email protected] Cornell a couple of years ago, but had to leave all of them in California when we moved.

Clare, How are you doing? All my plumies are doing great. Lost only two, one from the co-op and a small white. So, all is well here so far.


Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Clare if youve had it with the adeniums i know a good home for them. ;)

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