Open letter to Spike Hernandez

Kersey, PA

I have removed this post as I feel that it is counterproductive to the friendly atmosphere at Dave's Garden. I wish to thank Dave for allowing me to vent. :-)

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Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Sherry,

Welcome to Dave's Garden. It's the greatest gardening site on the web!


Hi Sherry
Dont get upset. Spike is probably having a nervous breakdown for the past??? year?? Dont take it personally. He and That Puke Site arent worth it. This is a really great site and everyone is so nice and you can even get off the topic without a problem (sounds funny to even bring up such a SIMPLE AMERICAN RIGHT in this day and age).
Not sure if the previous posts about Puke Site are still posted but its worth it to go back and check. Alot of good people were wronged there and to read the postings will make you feel better.
Welcome to Daves. A nice place to visit.

Toledo, OH

I was just wondering something about GardenWeb myself. I used to post there alot...Course then I got side tracked with disease for abit...Then went back and realized things really hadn't changed all that much. Sad too, as it had been almost 2 years that had passed.
I was not aware of all the "rules" over there. Obviously, without knowing it I must have been being a "good little girl" and not broken any of them.[hubby would find that *very* hard to believe]

Anyway....Is it just "advertisements" that are a "no no" or are there other things that would get you banned from there?
I am asking for a specific reason...I ran into a very very rude man in there. He really is quite obnoxious with anyone that does not agree with him.It doesn't seem to make any difference whether it's a man or a woman. ((I even received slightyl nasty "private email" from this man most always concerning politics/religion)).Hmmm

Should there not be "rules" as far as manners as well in there? I think I'd rather read ad's then put up with alot of attitude when your opinion is not that of the group in there.

thanks for bringing this topic here for debate...
I don't post there anymore...I did lurk for garden ideas occassionally...but really don't do much of that in there anymore either.
I have tried to be friendly in all the groups I belong to/post to/contribute to.... just not as nice a group as it used to be years ago. Sad I think with some of the people in there it really did have the makings for a decent forum [with "one" obvious exclusion]
Thanks everyone for having me here. It means alot.
take care/stay safe everyone and have a happy and healthy week..

aka "ex-gardenweb-er"

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Hi Sherry! I'm from GW as well. Still surviving. I was disneyed by spike as well. I included details of a site which had spammed Spike. But how was I to know that? We've had a thread runnning on Banned and Spamming. Spike let me back in again but one of my friends was banned for life; he gave me Dave's URL. Several of my friends sent me emails because they were concerned about me. There are other sites besides Spike's. I'd just be sorry to lose the friends I've made. But we can always make a note of friends email addys.
It probably isn't worthwhile getting worked up about for more than a day or two. I suspect quite a number of us will find our way here... Yeah I felt pretty mad too. Uuuugh this isn't the one I heard about with aol being punished by Spike?
There was quite a bad atmosphere in my Forum. There's people afraid to talk about Disneying and people afraid to go slightly off the topic. I've no problem with people changing a subject, it's what we all do in a conversation. It's rudeness that I object to.
So get it off your chest, Sherry.
And welcome!!

Kersey, PA

I am just quite embarrassed-- I certainly never expected to be treated this way on a GARDENING forum. Gardeners are usually some of the kindest people you could ever meet. I just wish he would apply his particular brand of "punishment" in a fair and equal manner. He lets some people go, and bans others for the very same thing!

If someone posts a message on the daylily or iris board, and says "Where can I get the best plants?" and you post back with a website or the name of a company, in his eyes, you are advertising. But how are you going to answer the question and HELP if you don't post the website? I guess the answer is to just write the person a private e-mail. You can bet if I do, I am going to be mentioning Daves.

I am glad to be here. Come summer I am going to have some higher end daylilies, and seed crosses from my daylilies, miniature irises, and I also grow orchids and will have a few to trade. As soon as I have it a little more complete, I will post the URL for my gardenswap page here.

I am looking forward to making new friends. Thanks to all of you and thanks to Dave for giving us GW refugees a place to call home!

Kersey, PA

I found the administrators of Garden Web. Perhaps a few well placed complaints will get Spike booted off as Webmaster?

Registrant: (GARDENWEB-DOM)
138 Montgomery St. #1M
Highland Park, NJ 08904 US


Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Stewart, Robert (RS1148) [email protected]
The Virtual Mirror
138 Montgomery St. #1M
Highland Park, NJ 08904 US
Technical Contact:
Hostmaster (HO9804-ORG) [email protected]
The Virtual Mirror, Inc.
138 Montgomery St., #1M
Highland Park , NJ 08904

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Thanks for the info Sherry. I think Spike may have software designed to pick up names of websites. In other words, if you mention the name of a firm it might be ignored. But if you give the website and it's on Spike's list... I don't know if many people are intentionally advertising. A fair amount is accidental. If there are some rogue companies I think people would choose somewhere different. But of course we don't know. Spike should really give better guidance.
Dave's Garden is smaller, which I like. And Dave and Trish give it a great deal of personal time. If there were some kind of problem I think they'd try and resolve it first.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

For the record..Robert Stewart IS Spike Hernandez! He runs the entire Gardenweb, which is comercially based for profit, and a few other sites, out of his apartment in Highland Park. He has NEVER GARDENED and has no time or interest in gardening, per his personal responsive post on GW to a former inquiry. Sherry, any letters of complaint should go the the advertisers on GW (this is where it hits hard the most), since Robert/AKA Spike are one and the same..and he is the entire GW gamut.
All I will add is that his actions are speaking for him and a sad, lost soul is all I see.
Cheer up,'ve finally found a place to call your own here at Daves Garden :)

(Zone 6a)

Thanks, Dicentra, for that post - as I read this thread I decided I would chime in with that info. Yep, he works out of a little apartment in Highland Park - I think he's kinda like a mole - he must never leave the apartment 'cause he's so quick to axe people.

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

Sherry J, WOW! I think I saw those posts. I havent been back there for weeks. I like this one so much I just havent been back. I replied to a post about a bad trader. And I e-mailed a lady , and said to write an e-mail to the Webmaster(I was nieve) and to suggest to have a rating system, like the auction sites have. Well I thought I should put my money where my mouth was and I e-mailed him and did as I suggested. Well I got a curt e-mail . From Spike . My first contact with him. It said: This is not an aution site , Reread the instructions. This took me aback. No manners. No explanation. Next thing you know A lady from this site, told me about this site. The rest was history.
So Welcome to Daves Garden! We dont have Nazi style enforcement here. Just nice folks. I just like the tone here . Very freindly. You will like it. Not only that but check out the features. Dave has it set up more efficiently. You can keep track of your trades. You can post Photos. You can see what some of the members look like.And where they live.
Switzerland, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee(hope I spelled that right.)I like the box graphs for the pages it puts it in a more organized look.If Spike is reading this. And I am sure he is. He needs to soften up a little. Maybe you need to post a 10 top things you cant do list at Garden Web.
Nobody reads all the instructions. My Goodness. Its pages and pages.He didnt ban me I guess. So I am not too upset. Just he comes off too rough.

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Welcome to Dave's Garden, SherryJ. You're right...gardeners are some of the nicest people that you'd ever want to meet and we all try our best to help one another. I'm sorry you were "raked over the coals" for trying to do just that at GW. Gee, I sure am glad that I never had the pleasure(?) of going to GW after hearing about your experience and others. I like peace and harmony and that's what I've found at Dave's Garden. You will love it here!


Vashon, WA(Zone 8a)

High fees, arbitrary rules I am done with them! Three cheers for Dave's Garden.

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

DG ROCKS !!! Keep it Rocking !!! :)

Kersey, PA

Well guys, we don't have to talk about his anymore. I think I got it straight.

Yesterday, I gave the whole matter some serious thought, and lastnight I removed the URL for GW from my "Favorites" folder.

I had already found MANY good gardening websites that interested me long before I found GW. And now I find Dave's Garden. I came to the realization that I just didn't need GW at all.

Problem solved. Camper happy. :-)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Welcome SherryJ, we've got a good place here, and it just feels like home. Dave and Trish are great folks, have lots of good ideas, and take good care of us.

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