What is another good weeping jm beside Crimson Queen

Harleysville, PA

I had a crimson queen jm and now wondering if I want to get another kind that has that same weeping shape.. Not sure I want red or another color what are some other good JM besides crimson queen that I could look at.. The location get morning and some afternoon sun then from 1 or 2 pm shade....

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I have a Red Dragon in full sun and though it does get some leaf burn in August, it isn't bad and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Probably the best dissectum for colder areas is the A.P. Tamukeyama as with all Dissectums it will get leaf burn in sun ... it is much faster grower than Red dragon and seems to me to be a larger tree...I think the red dragon is really nice though ... The Tamu takes varias conditions a bit better ...even some wetness ..the RD is a bit more touchy especially to moisture IMHO..Both would be fine choices ..also a newer cultivar A.P.Van Der Akker is very nice and hardy red.as far as green cultivars I have not had any long enough to give a good recomendation most of my green ones died in the 07 spring freeze ..Berrima Bridge a new Zealand cultivar is top drawer hady and beautiful but hard to find also.Washi-no-o ( I like that name best) which seems to be the same as the Palmatafidum seems to be VERY hardy so far...Very nice dissectum. David

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