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Sicklerville, NJ

I was thinking of planting a Crape Myrtle Hopi for fun. I've read this is a ten feet spread, but elswhere, I've read that it's ten feet tall. Hellllp! I need the specs on this; how tall does this get, how wide, etc. How far should I plant it from the house, etc. I called Spring Hill Nursery, but not one person could help. They read from the catalog which anyone could do. I need to speak to someone who is in the know. Also, does this give off a fragrance? Thanks again, Fluffysquirrel

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'm curious what was wrong with what they told you from the catalog? They list 10' tall and 10-12' wide which is pretty consistent with what I found when I googled a bit so it sounds like whatever they told you was fine. What might be confusing you is that there are a million different crape myrtles, some are taller and narrower and are often trained as trees, and then there are smaller more compact shrubs as well as big sprawling shrubs like this one. If a 10' tall 12' wide shrub doesn't fit with your vision for the area, take it back and get a different one...chances are whatever size you want there's probably a cultivar that would fit that space. As far as fragrance, rumor has it there's a fragrant crape myrtle out there somewhere, but I've certainly never found one that's fragrant either among the ones I've grown or the ones I've run into at nurseries, so it's unlikely that yours would be.

Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

There are thousands of crepe myrtles planted in this town. Many are street trees. More often than not they are kept trimmed as trees, rather than bushes. The older ones are often 15-20' high and 10-15' wide. Mine are planted where it doesn't matter how tall they get. I am not trimming the lower branches off to grow them as trees, but leaving them as bushes.


Kyle, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi Fluffysquirrel, I do a lot of work with crapemyrtles at our small 'Mom & Pop' nursery here in Texas. I believe that spelling is your main problem. You may well be talking about two different crapemyrtles. There is a cultivar called 'Hopi' and another called 'Hope'. Hope is a dwarf variety about 5' at maturity with white to very light pink blooms. Named after Hope, AR in honer of the Clintons who are from there. It has never been popular due to the so-so color. Hopi is a pink one that will go to about 10' high. Developed by the National Arboretum, it has a great reputation both for color and winter hardyness. It is a wide spreading type sometimes twice as wide as tall. Most of this info comes from 'Crapemyrtle, A Grower's Thoughts' written by David Byers.

As of now, there is no crapemyrtle with a fragrance although there is lots of research being done to come up with one. If one is found, the finder will be an instant millionare. There is also the possibility of an orange cultivar being researched by Dr. Carl Whitcom in Stillwater, OK

Didn't mean to ramble but you did ask. LOL Gene

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I didn't notice the spelling in the thread title, I just looked at 'Hopi' in the first post and assumed that was the one in question, I didn't know there was one called Hope also.

That would be awesome if they could come up with a fragranced one. There was a thread somewhere around here maybe last year or the year before where someone swore their neighbor or a friend had a fragrant one and they wanted to get one like it, and none of us had ever heard of such a thing and figured it was something other than a crape myrtle. I can't remember where things came out in the end.

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